Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kumasta Pamilya!

Well today is my 7th day at the MTC, and I really love it here! It's so nice to be surrounded by other missionaries all the time all focused on learning to teach people about the restored gospel. It's so beautiful here especially with all the snow, which there is  A LOT of! It's cold but I’m trying to enjoy it because in 5 weeks I'll be on my way to the humid and hot city of Quezon. I'm trying to think about the very beginning of the week haha but its hard cause all the days seem to blend together since my schedule is pretty much the same every day. Wake-up, study, eat, study, eat, study, eat, study and sleep.. and repeat haha seriously! Any who! My companions name is Sister Wilson; she is from San Jose California. She is 19 years old; she responded to the age change immediately and put her papers in, which is something I greatly admire about her. She is also going to Quezon City! She's the sweetest person ever we get along so well! I can't imagine being paired with anyone else we agree on everything and always have the same ideas when it comes to setting goals and etc.. We are having so much fun here together. We are the only sister companionship in our district there are 9 other elders with us in our district. They have become like another family, we are with them pretty much all day every day but I don't mind because they are so fun to be around and just overall really great guys who are going to be really awesome missionaries. Sadly they aren't going to our same mission so it will be sad to say goodbye to them at the end of my MTC experience.

The language is CRA-ZY ha! I'm surprised at how fast we have been learning though. By the second day we could already say simple prayers and bare simple testimonies. Now we can say both pretty quickly and Sister Wilson and I always pray in Tagalog now and remember to use the new vocab we learn as much as we can. We can also now invite people to commit to pray, read the book of Mormon etc.. And we can also count to 1000. We have been teaching an investigator named Jed since day 2. We teach him a lesson pretty much every other day, we just taught him a third lesson yesterday. It has to be all in Tagalog, which is hard since we don't know a whole lot yet but we know enough to get by but it's more of a taga-lish thing (tagalog/english) ha!

We got to go do a session this morning at the temple which was so nice! I've missed the temple and the Provo temple is so beautiful inside, i love it. I'll definitely be looking forward to that every Tuesday. By the way Tuesdays are my p-days for the next 5 weeks just so you guys know. It's really the only time I have to write letters cause they keep us soo busy and on such a tight schedule every day, so I’m sorry that I couldn't write you a letter sooner I really don't have enough time! Hopefully you got my letter yesterday though.

I wish i could tell you more details I just don't have the time, but yes the food is great, the people are awesome and I got all your dear elders and stuff. Dear elder is the best! Tell everyone about it who wants to write me, it also works for my mission too. Also thanks for my package Mom I got it this morning.

I only have 30 minutes to write so I'm gonna need to wrap this up but just know that I’m safe and I'm absolutely loving it here. Every day I’m here, I am reassured that this is where I need to be. I love being a missionary! Sunday we got to go out and walk around the temple and as we were crossing the street someone drove by honking and waving at us. Sister Wilson and I looked at each other like 'what the heck?' haha but then were all 'oh yah!! We're missionaries!!' haha sounds silly but it was the first time I really stopped and was like 'wo, I’m a missionary!'

I miss you guys but I try not to think about home cause I know I'll get home sick. I know Heavenly Father has been helping me keep my mind on the work and the language, rather than thinking about all my friends and loved ones back home. As soon as I got on the plane to Salt Lake I just felt so peaceful and reassured that everything was going to be okay. I love this gospel and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to serve. I know I can do this because I have a great support system back home and so many who love and care for me, and I know most of all that I have a loving Heavenly Father who is going to be there every step of the way, watching over me and guiding me to his lost children who need to hear this message.

I love you all sooo so much! Ingat! (take care) and be safe!

Love Always, Sister Jones
Ammah's companion Sister Wilson and Ammah pointing to the Philippines on the Map
                                                     In front of the Provo Temple
                                           In front of the Provo Temple with her District
                                        Sister Wilson and Sister Ammah Jones in the MTC

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