Man I really loved those first day of school pictures Mom, thanks for sending them. I'm just completely blown away with how grown up Andelyn and Amelia look! Amelia you look like a little woman now your so not a little girl anymore haha I feel like the "Amelia" I have in my head is still the 10 year old with the funky socks ha! btw Amelia got your letter in the mail last week...thank you! loved it:) and btw Mom and Dad I hope you had a great 23rd anniversary!  The next time  it rolls around I'll be there to wish it in person! 

Welp..we found out who was being transferred last night and...I'm staying! and my wonderful Anak sister Ika will be staying with me.yay yay. Sister Medina is transferring and Sister Strebble is getting a new American companion.  I'm going to have to work on my Filipino cooking skills this transfer so we don't all starve. Medina was our cook! haha I'm so happy that S. Strebble is staying, she and I have become real good friends as well,  we like all the same music and movies from back home. We quote The Office to each other all the time and sometimes she'll sing Les Mes with me haha were soul sisters! 
I feel really good about this transfer and we have a baptism coming up for Sister Jenny in 2 weeks.  I'm  excited for her, she's  ready:) After church this past Sunday our 2nd Counselors daughter was baptized and Jenny stayed with us after church to attend.  After it ended we walked out and she turned to me and told me about how excited she was to be baptized, and she can't wait.  She's also been introducing us to her friends so we can teach them, one of them is Lianne.  She is 20 yrs. old,  we've only taught her a few times but the other day we received a text from her and she said that she knows the Book of Mormon is true and all that we've shared with her is true, and that Heavenly Father answered her prayers.  Aww she's just the sweetest and she has a desire to be baptized as well so hopefully she won't be too far behind sister Jenny in following the example of our savior.  I just love those two girls and I'm glad I'll still be here to teach them.  I think they were as nervous as Ika and I, they kept telling us how much they wanted us to stay and they would be so sad if we left.

So I'm not sure if you've heard but their was a typhoon in the Philippines this week near Quezon City, we have been getting affects from it so it's has rained every day this week and hard, it's been very difficult to work in it, not gonna lie.  Especially up in the mountains because it's slippery and real muddy but we've been managing and keeping safe.
Last p-day I gave my first haircut to my anak! She wanted her hair cut real bad and didn't want to pay to go to the Parlor so she asked me to do it.  I was so scared cause it's a short haircut! actually didn't turn out too bad and EVERONE has been giving her compliments, and she loves it soo..success! I'll attach a before and after picture for you.

We have a security guard at the church building who is there almost everyday and he always has his guitar with him, sometimes I mess around on it for a few minutes but I just get sad cause I can't remember most of the songs I had memorized before I left:( but...He is really good and  last week I sat beside him and sang a few songs with him.  A bunch of the oldies like "when you say nothing at all" was sooo fun and I miss it oh so much.  Whenever I see guitars on the streets my hands just itch to start playing haha but alas it is not meant to be right now..

Well family I'll wrap this up now, miss you guys tons..everyday..and think of you often. Please be safe and listen to the spirit:) love you all! Muah!