Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When a Filipino compliments you on your rice that means it must be pretty good!

Hi Fam!
Man, I’m so happy that you guys were able to find the Rambutan! That makes me excited because now I know I’ll be able to get a hold of some when I get home.  And now it sounds like Amelia loves it too haha it's kind of addicting actually but I’m glad you guys like it too.  It's everywhere here by the bucket fulls!  (David went to the Asian Mall near his work and looked for some of the fruit that Ammah has sent pictures of and told us how much she likes, he bought some and we all tried it and sent Ammah a video of us eating it)
 So this past week has been good, there were a few times that we were asked to stay inside by the Mission President because of the heavy rain which was causing areas to flood.  Sister Medina sent me pictures this week of their neighborhood and they are up to their knees in water and they had to evacuate their house and stay with some other sister missionaries nearby till the water went down.  For one whole day we had to stay inside because the wind was just so strong and then not stop rain and thunder, to be honest it was pretty boring haha you can only study and organize for so long.  But I was looking out the window and thanking Heavenly Father that our House is not in a flood area. It was pretty crazy though, we texted all the members and investigators in our area to see if they needed help evacuating their things from their houses.  They all said they were okay, some of them got about a foot or so of water but they were able to get valuables out of the way before they got ruined.  The last few days have been mostly clear skies though with a little bit of rain so it's been better.  (picture from the internet of Quezon city flooding.)

 We've had to track more this week and we've found a few new people who might be interested I hope they can accept the gospel.  Some of them are whole families so I'm really praying that they will be open to the message we have to share.  Jenny wasn't able to come to church this week so her baptism had to be moved back one week now Sept 7th is the set date and she's been continuing to read the Book of Mormon and say personal prayers to prepare herself for her baptism.  She's so excited to invite her family because her brother in law is a member and so are some of her nephews and nieces but they haven't been to church in a long time.  We've been working with them as well.  I'm hoping that coming to see Jenny be baptized will help them have a desire to come back to church.  

I received some nice compliments from Sister Repotente this week  she complimented me on how perfect my rice was that I made the other day (and might I add it was made without a rice cooker and without a measuring cup haha) When a Filipino compliments you on your rice that means it must be pretty good! Success! I also got to work with her a day this week because Sister Ika was ill and we had to do splits so she came to my area to work for the day and on our way home in the jeepney she turned to me and told me how good my tagalog was :) I was so glad to hear that because I haven't had a Filipino as a companion now for 8 weeks and I've been wondering how my Tagalog has been progressing , it was just really nice to hear that, as sometimes I wonder hah.  

Not much more than that my family but till next week know that I love you all and I loved the videos you sent me.  It was good to hear your voices and see your sweet faces:) Love you guys so so much! 

Love Sister Jones
We ate at a place called Banapple today and...oh my was soooo good.  They have real American food there, Caesar salads, soups, milkshakes, cheesecake (which I had and it tasted just like cheesecake factory, delicious!), sandwiches, pancakes, chocochip cookies... and all for pretty cheap. It was the cutest store, too bad my camera had no battery sorry no pictures, maybe next time.  Also Sis Ika  and I found Quizno's in our area, we couldn’t believe our eyes and we were in heaven that day eating real toasted American sandwiches.  ( I found pictures off the internet of Banapple and added them to her letter, I wanna go to Banapple now)

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