Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm doing fine and am getting better everyday and I am really happy that I get to stay here in Cainta.

Kamusta ang Pamilya ko at mga Kaibigan ko!

Naynay Ramana Getting baptized Friday She is 92!
 Shyla and me, she is getting baptized on Friday too!
 This is our area all to the left of the water. The housing is called "squatters" but I find this picture beautiful.
My area on the river. It's so pretty.
 This is my view from doing splits with another sister this week. So pretty.

Thank You everyone for your thoughts and prayers, I feel so loved and cared for:) I'm doing fine now! Actually my dengue ended up being a minor case, I didn't really get rashes per say  I just got really red all over on and off which the doctor told me that might happen too.  Thankfully I've been out working for the past 3 days.  I'm still a little weak sometimes and have to rest before we go out but other than that I am just fine:) 

Also Transfer Day is tomorrow (it went by so fast!) I feel like I just got here and became companions with Sister Campbell, but now she's leaving me to go serve in one of my past areas for her last 6 weeks in the Philippines and I'm getting a new companion.  Her name is Sister Maagad, finally I get a native Filipino again! It has been 9 months  so I'm pretty excited for this upcoming transfer and I'm praying that I have good health for the rest of my mission.  I hated staying inside for so long, I felt so useless, and I missed teaching and bearing my testimony.  Hopefully I'll be nice and healthy for the last 5 months:) 

I am really happy that I get to stay here in Cainta, To be honest it's probably one of my favorite areas. There are so many people here and always somewhere to go or people to teach and visit.  The Bishop is  wonderful and really involved in the Missionary work, and the members are great I just love them! Maybe I'll get to stay here till the end.  We have two baptisms this weekend.  Both Shyla and Nanay Romana had their baptismal interviewers and they passed so they will be baptized this Friday!  Nanay Romana will be the first investigator that I've taught from the very beginning and will get to see her be baptized! Yay:) Her children are so excited they have been waiting for years and years for her to accept the gospel.  I feel really blessed to be a part of this:)  and Shyla...well long story short, she was baptized when she was 13 years old but for some reason the church has no record of it.  She has pictures and things of the day but that's it.  So she needs to be baptized again so that the church has the records.  She's excited to have her records in the church because she has hopes to one day serve a mission, it's been a blessing to have gotten to know her, she's such a sweet spirit.  The missionaries are basically her family, she's had a real tough family life and has no support from her family.  She's the only one who is a member in her family and is alone here in the city working as a nanny here in our apartment complex. (She is a transplant from Tacloban the area hit by the Typhoon) She works with the missionaries every weekend and has one of the strongest testimonies of the gospel.  She's one of my favorite people in my mission:)  

I'm also excited that I'm still an STL this transfer, maraming pang opportunity's to help and give aide to the sisters.  It's truly been a blessing to have opportunities to work in their areas and help them find new investigators and give advice.  I also love working with the other leaders in the mission and working close with President and Sister Revillo.  It's truly been a growing experience for me and I look forward to even more this transfer with my new companion and the new sisters who have transferred into my route.  I love being a missionary, and I just love that I still have a while till I leave.  Still so many people to help, and I don't want it to end, there is still so much work to do.

Well Fam I love you guys and thanks again for all your prayers:) I'm doing fine and am getting better everyday.  Please stay safe and continue to look for opportunities to share the gospel and serve others:) also I loved hearing about your experience at the new Gilbert Temple, I can't wait to see it in person and go inside! It looks beautiful in the pictures....I love temples! and I love that we are so blessed to have so many in Arizona:) 

love you guys! 

Love Always, Sister Ammah Jones   

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Hi Friends and my sweet Family! PICTURES AT THE BOTTOM

Man there is so much to tell you this week,  some  pretty bad and some insanely good:) 

Bad news first!  Well I've been super sick and had a 104.7 degree fever and went to the mission doctor earlier today and was diagnosed with  Dengue Fever.  And according to him I’m about half way through it now and in about 2-3 days I’ll be covered in rashes and then 3 more days give or take and I’ll be done but will be really fatigued and tired for about a week after.  It's more fun in the Philippines right? ha Guess I'll be staying in the apartment for the rest of this week...wah..wah.. I added our letters back and forth about this illness below but it’s the long version explanation.

Now for some Good News! Our investigators are doing wonderfully,  Sister Marisel is working on her marriage papers so her and Albert can be married.  And something awesome happened on Sunday (we only went to Sacrament meeting then left so I could rest) Albert came to church with Marisel!! We've been trying to teach him the lessons as well but he's been a little shy and disappears when we come to teach.  But I think his heart is softening and he's warming up to us:) Marisel is golden and wants to be baptized so so bad.  She reads the Book of Mormon everyday and is about half way through now.  Hopefully about 3 more weeks and she can get baptized and hopefully Albert will follow.  

Our cute little 92 year old nanay will be baptized next Sunday, she's so excited and so ready.  She's adorable she always pats us on the cheek and squeezes our hands whenever she passes us in church hehe and she has the best questions.  We taught her about the Word of Wisdom 2 weeks ago cause she has drunk coffee for the past 70 years and she hasn't even touched it since then.  Last week she asked us if we could do her a favor and make sure the baptismal font water is warm when she is baptized so we are trying to find ways to heat up the water for her.  

We did splits this week (before I got sick) with 3 companionships they went  well,  I'm grateful that I get to help sisters who are struggling.  Sister Campbell gave me a nice compliment and said that Sisters just really open up to me and feel like they can share their feelings.  It makes me feel good that they see that I'm someone they can trust.  One sister I worked with this week is really struggling with her trainer and feels like she doesn't get to say anything.  She was telling me about her feelings and broke into tears; I started getting teary-eyed as well.  At first I wasn't exactly sure what I could say that would make her feel better.  But I just opened up my mouth and relied on the spirit, I don't even remember half of the things I said but just did my best to comfort her and shared with her past experiences, and quotes that I thought would help.  I love this calling! 

 So A miracle happened this week! We were doing splits earlier this week with the sisters who live 3 apartments down from sister Dickison and sister Strebel and all those sisters.  Anyways we were all having dinner together one night and sister Strebel says 'Sister Jones! did you hear about Jenie?' It kinda scared me at first cause the last time I head she was not doing well and getting really skinny cause she had no money for food.  S. STrebel heard from Sister Andersen that Jenie's husband who had left her 9 months ago cause he had another woman pregnant out in the province, Well.....I guess he came back.....whaaa?? That doesn't sound good...but wait!  I guess what happened is that he had lied to her because he didn't feel ready to be a father and that much commitment so he left and found a job out in the province. Keep in mind he's still really young he's only 19 years old... After a while though he started feeling really guilty and missed Jenie and baby AJ so he came back.  After explaining himself and asking for forgiveness Jenie took him back and (this part makes me so proud!) the first thing Jenie did was start talking about the gospel and how it had changed her life and showed him pictures of her baptism.  I guess since then every conversation they have always ends up on the gospel.  Jenie also told him her desire to enter the temple as a family and be sealed for Eternity.  He told her that he would do everything in his power to get her and AJ to the temple.  The missionaries are now teaching him and he even brought Jenie and Aj to church last Sunday! S. Andersen said Jenie's face was just beaming and she kept saying "my family is complete now".  Jenie's husband also had a miracle of his own, shortly after his return home he text his boss telling him that he was quitting so he could stay home with his family.  After he sent the text he kneeled down and said a prayer as soon as he said amen, his phone buzzed with a text from his Boss saying that he could just transfer to the Branch they have right next to where they live and he could keep his job!! After S. STrebel told me all this I just started balling right in the middle of us all eating dinner haha.  I was so happy!! I've been praying for her for weeks and weeks asking for a miracle to happen and it did!  I'm so happy for her! I pray that they will get to the temple someday:) This was probably one of the highlights of my whole mission! 

Sorry couldn't leave any details out on that one it was just too awesome:) Thank you also family for your prayers in her behalf.  

Mom so proud of you and the missionary work you are doing, Keep it up:) your such a good example! And thank you for the videos I loved them:) 

Being sick has a tendency to make me miss home more, just know that I miss and love you guys.  Dont' worry about me I have lots of meds and an awesome companion who is taking great care of me.  Hopefully this won't last too long, it's really not fun:( 

Hope you can feel my love all the way on the other side of the world hehe love you guys!! 
Love, Sister Ammah Jones 

A few emails about her illness:

Well it started on Friday,  We had zone interviews that started at around noon right when we got there I started not feeling to good and I knew I had a fever.  But I was a good sport and Sister Campbell and I had to give a 90 minute workshop for the zone so we did it.  Towards the end of our zone interviews around 7  I started feeling a little better.  went home went to bed and woke up a few hours later with a fever again of 102.7 didn't really sleep the rest of the day and on Saturday we did splits and Sister Tehei stayed home with me while sister Campbell went and worked our area.  I slept for most part of the day and woke up around 5pm with a whopping fever of 104.7.....yupp...I felt like crap.  Well we called sister revillo and she told me what medicines to take and to put wet clothes all over my body.  Sweet sister Tehei put rags on my legs and feet and changed them every few minutes for me while I was wiping down my own face arm chest and back.  it wasn't going down so we had the elders come give me a blessing.  about 10 minutes after my blessing my temp started to slowly go down and I fell asleep.  I woke up with my sheets drenched in sweat but I felt better but an hour later my temp came back that was Sunday morning and ever since then until now I’ve had a fever of 102  so I got an appointment with the mission doctor and just got back from seeing him, and I was surprised to hear that I have  Dengue Fever.....  He said that my fever will probably last for two more days and then I will break out with rashes all over my body....yipee.  I only know a handful of missionaries who have had dengue in the mission, sister Campbell being one of them ha.  ughhh so yah I feel like crap right now.  I'm freezing all the time, my head just aches and my eyes hurt really bad I can't even move them around without it making me nauseous.  I haven't really eaten anything in about 3 days just some crackers here and there.  Doc said I’ll probably have to stay in until the rashes come and leave.   I’m so upset:(  we had 4 companionships to do splits with this week and another workshop to give.  I didn't sleep at all last night cause my body just hurt and it was uncomfortable and I just cried half the night cause I’m sick of having a fever and was really looking forward to working with the sisters this week.

Jan 19 at 10:42 PM

I'm doing okay , I think some of the medicine is kicking in for the body aches.  

the doctor gave me some medicine for my stomach to protect the lining and keep it from bleeding,  just cause I haven't eaten much for a while and he said I probably won't feel like eating till the fever passes.  

He said antibiotics won't help any so he didn't prescribe any.  He said I just have to wait it out and take ibuprofen for the headaches, and my eyes and a fever reducer.    

But Sister Campbell has been my angel; she heats up water for me on the stove and gets it ready in the bucket for me so I can take a hot bucket shower.  She ordered me a few mango smoothies that they deliver to our door so that I could have something cold to drink; she even wakes me up when it's time to take my medicine.  She's the best! Don’t worry I’m being taken care of:) 

Hiking on splits with Sisters, reminds me so much of my first area in Cogeo.
 A lunch with my district YUMMY BURGERS
 SIster Campbell and I in a paddle bike car, It's attached to a regular bike and the Filipino's peddle you around. We use this transportation when we are tired of walking. 
 Just being silly
 More splits with one of the sisters, this area is soooo pretty.
Top of the mountain we hiked to so we could visit investigators


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our area is doing great; we have 2 baptisms in February. One of them being a 92 year old woman...yes I said 92!

Jan 13 at 2:47 AM

Hello my family and friends,
This is gonna be real short since i spent most of my time writing my essay questions for my application for school.  Next week will be better..sorry! 

This week was great, we did splits with 3 companionships and it was a great experience.  I love to see Sisters in the mission who are working in unity and being obedient.  I'm just so proud to be in this mission:) and President and Sister Revillo really love this mission and they work hard to have us be obedient missionaries and hard-working.  I really saw this in our Missionary Leadership Counsel that we had this past Thursday.  It's a big meeting that goes from 10am to 5pm (happens once a month), with 20 zone leaders,  4 assistant presidents, and the 6 STL's come together with President and Sister      Revillo and we talk about the mission and set goals and implement new rules etc.. It was such a spiritual experience for me to watch all the leaders in the mission come together and talk about ways to improve the mission and be more aligned with the Lord's will.  All the zone leaders give reports on their areas and companionships and talk about concerns and suggestions, and it's very organized and the Spirit was very present.  Can't wait for the next one!:) I got to see Sister Wilson there too, here is picture of us, it was great to see her as always and we are hoping to be companions again soon hehe.  
Our area is doing great; we have 2 baptisms in February.  One of them being a 92 year old woman...yes I said 92! haha she is the most adorable thing and she has a great desire to be baptized.  She is the mother of one of our active members in the ward.  All her children are members but one and almost all of them served missions as well.  She never objected to having her children join the church but for some reason never did herself.  But now she says that she's ready and feels it's true.  You’re never too old to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We just adore her and she's a little spunky thing too.  We also have several progressing investigators, they aren't ready for baptism yet and have a lot of things to overcome first but they are getting there and the Lord is softening their hearts.  Members have been a great help with them really! One of our investigators is a brother named Miguel I think I’ve talked about him before, he's the investigator that we met his preacher at his house...yep that one ha...But we stopped by and had a nice talk with him and I guess the preacher guy is giving them a hard time about continuing to let us in their home to teach, and everyone in the compound is talking about them because we visit them.  They are losing friends, and Brother Miguel started crying talking about the trials his family has been having.  But he really feels that something is missing and he says he feels so good when we come.  He hasn't come to church yet and I know that when he comes he will feel the spirit and feel like his family belongs there.  He just needs to come!  We are praying for him...Before we left his preacher walked in and didn't look happy to see us ha, he immediately started telling us how we need to attend his service and how earlier a woman had thrown up an evil spirit during the service...ya...huh...definitely won’t be going to that... :/   

But it has been a good week and I just feel like this transfer is flying by so fast.  I've been enjoying it though, the new calling, the ward, our roommates are the sweetest sisters ever, and I love my companion! We are hoping she will stay for her last transfer here but who knows! I'm just happy and feel blessed for all the new experiences I have every week.  Missions are awesome:) 

 Thanks for all you guys are doing to get my application in on time you guys are the best.  Mom I love you and hope your back is healing well; I've been keeping you in my prayers.  Andelyn and Amelia I miss you guys and I’ve been having fun collecting little gifts for you two lately and I have some for Jade to of course!   I love you all, stay safe:) 
Sister Ammah Jones

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello Family and Friends

Hi Fam!!

                                      OUR ZONE CONFERENCE FOR CHRISTMAS

This might be a little short cause I spent most of my time emailing President details about the splits we did, and we have to email a separate one to Sister Revillo as well.  Sorry! But I did read the emails you sent me and Dad thanks so much for the info about School, I'll get right on the things that you need from me:) 
Sounds like you guys are doing great and I'm excited for you to go to the Gilbert Temple open house, how special! and your bringing guests I'm so proud:) I hope that Conrad has a good experience there and lets the spirit touch his heart. 
This week I've gained an even greater love for temples if that's even possible! But we were blessed to be able to witness the Elnare family in our ward be sealed as a Family for Time and All Eternity:) they have been preparing for over a year now to enter the temple and they've been in and out of activity in the church since they were converted.  But they've really been working on it for the past year and they've done a great job.  Sister Campbell has known them since the start of her mission and I know it was really special for her to see them get sealed in the temple, it was special for me and I haven't even known them for very long.  Sister Campbell was actually sister Elnares' escort for her temple experience.  It was just us 2 missionaries and than our bishop and Brother Polidario from the ward that were their for their sealing.  They were really grateful to us for being their:) Brother and Sister Elnare bore their testimonies yesterday during fast and testimony meeting, they talked about families being together forever and their feelings about the temple, it was so sweet:)  one of the Highlights of my mission! 



we worked with 3 companionships this week, it went really great!
Basically our callings as STL's is to teach, train, and counsel sisters in their missionary work.  We help them with obedience issues and give advice in personal and companionship issues, kind of like counseling.  This calling is a huge blessing to me and I'm grateful that the lord trusts me with this responsibility.  I had great experiences working with the sisters, and had some great spiritual experiences with them in their areas.  On Wednesday we worked with Sister Dickison and Sister Doucette, my two past previous companions! haha.  I worked with sister Doucette for the day and it was so great to see how much she has grown in her mission since the last time we served together in May when she first got to the Philippines.  She's a great missionary and she's great at the language now too:) We worked on Thursday with Sister Strebel and her companion Sister Tereke.  and on Friday we worked with a pair of sisters in our zone, I worked with Sister Peretu from Kirdibas (somewhere in the polynesian islands ha) she is a hoot! We found a new investigator named ninyo while we were out working together and it was such a great spiritual lesson.  We focused on how the gospel blesses Families because he talked a lot about how much he loves his wife and new baby girl.  Perfect! The lesson went great and he is super interested and at the end we asked if he would offer the closing prayer.  He was really nervous to do so but we explained and taught him how and assured him with big smiles that he could do it.  His prayer was simple, but so sweet and really from the heart.  He opened his eyes after and looked at us with glazy eyes and said "wow, that was the first time".... We asked him how he felt inside, and he just replied that he felt really good inside and kept rubbing his chest.  I know he was feeling the spirit...and i'm grateful to be here to help people feel that for themselves.  I'll never forget the smile on his face after he prayed...:) My heart is just so full this week...I'm meeting so many new people from other areas and sisters that I haven't known well in the mission and Heavenly Father is just blessing me with Charity and Love for each of them.  I just feel so blessed....Missionary work is the Best! 
                                Shyla is an Aswang! hahaha 
Aswang are creatures who supposedly live in the philppines especially in the province areas who are basically like vampires, and have wings and stuff but can be disguised as normal people too and can pass it down through their kids.  Philippines legitally think they are real, Even Sister Sabiano! we stayed up one night talking about it and she really thinks they are real and is super serious haha she's silly.  
I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do and your love and support:) also btw I loved all the stuff going on in the lessons for young womens.  Sounds great! Preparing them to be future missionaries hehe and amelia I love you and the funny things you say...I miss that:) 

Mahal ko kayo! Be sAFe! eh! 

Love Sister Ammah Jones