Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our area is doing great; we have 2 baptisms in February. One of them being a 92 year old woman...yes I said 92!

Jan 13 at 2:47 AM

Hello my family and friends,
This is gonna be real short since i spent most of my time writing my essay questions for my application for school.  Next week will be better..sorry! 

This week was great, we did splits with 3 companionships and it was a great experience.  I love to see Sisters in the mission who are working in unity and being obedient.  I'm just so proud to be in this mission:) and President and Sister Revillo really love this mission and they work hard to have us be obedient missionaries and hard-working.  I really saw this in our Missionary Leadership Counsel that we had this past Thursday.  It's a big meeting that goes from 10am to 5pm (happens once a month), with 20 zone leaders,  4 assistant presidents, and the 6 STL's come together with President and Sister      Revillo and we talk about the mission and set goals and implement new rules etc.. It was such a spiritual experience for me to watch all the leaders in the mission come together and talk about ways to improve the mission and be more aligned with the Lord's will.  All the zone leaders give reports on their areas and companionships and talk about concerns and suggestions, and it's very organized and the Spirit was very present.  Can't wait for the next one!:) I got to see Sister Wilson there too, here is picture of us, it was great to see her as always and we are hoping to be companions again soon hehe.  
Our area is doing great; we have 2 baptisms in February.  One of them being a 92 year old woman...yes I said 92! haha she is the most adorable thing and she has a great desire to be baptized.  She is the mother of one of our active members in the ward.  All her children are members but one and almost all of them served missions as well.  She never objected to having her children join the church but for some reason never did herself.  But now she says that she's ready and feels it's true.  You’re never too old to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We just adore her and she's a little spunky thing too.  We also have several progressing investigators, they aren't ready for baptism yet and have a lot of things to overcome first but they are getting there and the Lord is softening their hearts.  Members have been a great help with them really! One of our investigators is a brother named Miguel I think I’ve talked about him before, he's the investigator that we met his preacher at his house...yep that one ha...But we stopped by and had a nice talk with him and I guess the preacher guy is giving them a hard time about continuing to let us in their home to teach, and everyone in the compound is talking about them because we visit them.  They are losing friends, and Brother Miguel started crying talking about the trials his family has been having.  But he really feels that something is missing and he says he feels so good when we come.  He hasn't come to church yet and I know that when he comes he will feel the spirit and feel like his family belongs there.  He just needs to come!  We are praying for him...Before we left his preacher walked in and didn't look happy to see us ha, he immediately started telling us how we need to attend his service and how earlier a woman had thrown up an evil spirit during the service...ya...huh...definitely won’t be going to that... :/   

But it has been a good week and I just feel like this transfer is flying by so fast.  I've been enjoying it though, the new calling, the ward, our roommates are the sweetest sisters ever, and I love my companion! We are hoping she will stay for her last transfer here but who knows! I'm just happy and feel blessed for all the new experiences I have every week.  Missions are awesome:) 

 Thanks for all you guys are doing to get my application in on time you guys are the best.  Mom I love you and hope your back is healing well; I've been keeping you in my prayers.  Andelyn and Amelia I miss you guys and I’ve been having fun collecting little gifts for you two lately and I have some for Jade to of course!   I love you all, stay safe:) 
Sister Ammah Jones

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