Wow, thank you so much for all the pictures they were so great:) looks like the recital went really good and oh my goodness Amelia looks so grown up.. Ano ba yan! Sister Medina looked at all of them with me and she kept saying that you two girls are so beautiful :) totoo siya! And thanks Mom for your list of questions haha I'll try my best to answer them all for you AND I have a few pictures for you as well so enjoy!  (She only sent one)
This week has been pretty good it's been hard getting used to the new area and feeling new again but I'm really trying to get to know the area and the people, so far so good.  My companions are wonderful they are both so patient and loving and the new apartment is great too.  Not as big as my last one but we don't need much here, just the spirit:) Our area is HUGE because we are supposed to have two sister companionships in this ward but because we have a shortage of sisters our areas are combined so we are covering both areas right now which makes it hard because we can only visit some investigators once a week.  Plus Sister Medina had stomach surgery 2 weeks ago and Sister Doucette has been sick the past two days with a 101+ degree temp poor thing she woke up Sunday morning with a 101+ fever and rashes all over her whole body. We thought it was Dengue fever for a bit but a big part of Dengue fever is headache throwing up and nausea along with the rashes and fever but she hasn't been throwing up and no headaches.  She is better today the rashes have gone down a lot and her fever keeps between 100 and 101 still but she says her body feels much better.  She could barely get out of bed yesterday.  We think it's because her body is adjusting to the climate here and the climate is really weird right now cause the seasons are changing from summer to the rainy seasons.  On Saturday it was so hot and not a cloud in the sky than by 5pm it was literally pouring  buckets of rain  and we were out walking all day in it.  Sooo fun haha.  
 Hopefully the Lord will bless us all with good health for the rest of the transfer so we can really get some work done here and help the people here progress in the gospel.  One of our investigators who we are preparing for his baptism on the 22nd of this month is really progressing and he's super nice and so prepared to receive the gospel into his life.  His name is Brother Al he is engaged to a member of the church and they met each other through their jobs they are both English teachers so he speaks really good English and prefers to read all the pamphlets and Book of Mormon in English because it's easier as well as speaking so we taught him in English and it was  weird haha. It was actually harder for me to teach in English and I was so nervous I am so used to Tagalog now, my brain is really switching over  and good thing too because the president sent the whole mission a letter this week that in the next two transfers we have 28 Sister missionaries coming in so almost all the sisters here will be training in the next few months and most of them coming in are foreigners so every sister learning Tagalog in the mission is asked to have an extra hour of language study everyday so we can learn the language faster and to  teach the new missionaries....Grabe...ha crazy! An hour and a half to two hours everyday from now on.. It's going to be great fun...haha but I'm so excited that we are getting so many missionaries, the lords work is truly progressing I got chills just typing that out haha! It's great I'm so grateful for the prophets revelation from God to change the ages of availability for missionaries. I'm so grateful and blessed to be a part of this great work!
Sige so to answer some questions for you mom, my new area is great. It's mostly city, we have some squatters (very poor Filipinos that create makeshift houses from tin and cardboard, from an aerial view it looks like a maze with little pieces of tin for roofs)  and some nicer houses, plus some areas with a lot of greenery and it's sooo beautiful.  Our apartment like I said is small, we still just have a bucket for showers but we do have a working toilet. Yay!.  We have a little toaster oven and a little gas stove that works great and also a tiny little washing machine but I still like to wash by hand for most things.
Our New mission president gets here on July 3rd which is our next transfer day, that's going to be really great to meet him I'm excited:) umm..lets see..yes we have had dinner appointments haha. We have a nice lady in our ward who feeds us every Tuesday night she is so kind and her brother in law who lives there is not a member and he joins us for dinner so we are going to start teaching him soon.
My companions are great I love them ha and guess what Sister Medina loves Balut and eats it all the time so I've also eaten it twice these past two weeks and... I ate the whole thing,  I have to admit it really isn't bad, I'm excited to come home and teach you guys how to eat it one night for family home evening or something hehe I bet you guys can't wait!!;)
No box or packages yet. I can't wait though.
Thank you for all your prayers my sweet family I am so truly blessed.  This area is great I'm loving being a representative of the lord, and seeing how the gospel blesses people strengthens my own testimony of this restored gospel.  I know it's true! Keep up with all your missionary efforts family that is so great,  you guys remind me of a scripture which I love  in D&C 64:33 It says 'wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work.  And out of small things proceedeth that which is great' Never be afraid to share the gospel, the lord has promised that if we open our mouths they will be filled and I know that is true, I have come out of lessons with investigators and just wonder "what in the world just happened?'  the words just come so easily and I know that it was because the spirit filled my mouth with what to say.  I love you all with all my heart have a great week and be safe. Mahal  Mahal ko kayo:) Ingat na long po kayo!

Love, Sister Jones