Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Everyday it rains.. and it doesn't just rain it POURS.

 Hello po Family!!

My new Filipino watch. Pretty cool huh?
This is the MTC in the Philippines. they are building more on to it.  they are going to be sending all Americans serving in the Philippines here soon as well.  They have a lot of building to do haha.  Wealso get to have some of the missionaries work with us from the MTC every other week for 3 hours.  We did it two weeks ago and we are doing it again this week.  I'll be taking some of them with me by myself to part of our area to teach some lessons.  kinda cool huh? :)

Part of my area, the green pretty part haha  we travel through this area sometimes on tricycles and I always sit on the back of the motorcycle right behind the driver faced towards all this green it's so pretty,, it's my favorite!

Hello po Family!! 
So good to hear that you all are enjoying your summer activities and now that your crazy schedules have settled down you can all take a breath and relax for a bit haha. Sounds Like Andelyn is having so much fun in Show Lo with Grandma and Grandpa talaga! And Amelia hangin out with all her friends sounds like a great summer.  
Well here in the Philippines...the rainy season has arrived haha grabe..everyday it rains.. and it doesn't just rain it POURS.  We pack all our stuff into plastic bags and than put them in our proselyting bags, take out our umbrellas and go out to work.  And we are walking in water up to our ankles, it's just so weird cause the first part of the day it's super hot and than within a half hour it's pouring and a full on thunder storm with lightning and everything, it's crazy but it's also really fun.
On our way home we are just laughing and giggling running through the streets under our umbrellas trying to make it to the last jeepney to take us home before we get completely soaked.  it's great fun you should try it sometime ;)
The work is going good, our investigator Al is getting baptized for sure on the 22nd and it will be my first baptism in the field yayy:) I'm excited for him, he is  prepared and so ready to take this step in following the Savior.  We had a great day on Sunday because many investigators came and less-actives came that we have been visiting, it just warms my heart to be sitting in church and watch them come walking in.  We have been teaching this 13 year old boy named Erwin for the past week or so.  His mom found us in the street and asked us to come teach him because he has never had religion in his life and has had a hard past.  They don't get along at all because of that past so she wants us to teach him without her, it's a weird situation but for now we are  teaching him and hopefully we can have her start to join as well.  But every lesson we teach him, it has been some of the most spiritual experiences I've had in the mission.  We teach him along with his uncle who is 18 and has also had missionary discussions before and he is very interested, I don't know what exactly it is but the spirit is very strong every time we teach them and I  feel completely guided by the spirit and the Tagalog just flows so easily with them.  Sis. Medina, Sis. Doucette and I came out of our last lesson and we were walking down the street and we all just looked at each other and were like "wow! did you feel that"?! the spirit was strong!  We talked about it all the way to our next lesson
 Before when I first came into the field I didn't know how to teach very well, it was so hard for me to say what I wanted to say even in English, the biggest thing I've learned here is how to rely on the spirit, while my companions are talking I try not to think about what I'm going to say I just wait.. and listen.. and pray for myself as well as my companions that what we will say will be what heavenly father will have us say. 
 I just love missionary work so much!  It's not easy siempre but it's all worth it.  We have so many wonderful people we are teaching and I am so excited for them when they start coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon.  This ward is also GREAT, the bishop is awesome and so helpful and the ward members are genuinely  friendly to the investigators we bring to church. 
I'm getting to know the investigators and less actives more and more every week which is good, I still have a lot of people to meet,  this area is so big it's kinda scary but ayoslong the lord will help us continue the work in this area.  
Today I got a package from my singles ward  the Mountain Park Ward back home, with a bunch of candy and sweet notes from 10+ of them, such a SURPRISE and so so sweet and thoughtful:) I feel so loved. Really I do!
Hey Mom! Sorry my email is so late tonight  I couldn't get on till later today cause sister Medina had a checkup at St. Lukes so she went with sister Wood the older sister who serves with her husband at the missionary recovery center.  So sister Doucette and I waited for 4 hours at the MRC office cause we didn't want to go to the hospital AGAIN.  It would have been my 4th time going in the past week so we hung out at the MRC and studied, played the piano, puzzles, and I read my emails all in the comfort of air conditioning aaaaah!.  AND... they fed us tacos just like the ones you make at home haha! So yummeeey.   I got my skirts today!! and they are actually extremely long... like they almost go down to my ankles haha, so I'll just spend a few pesos and get them hemmed up which won't cost much but they are so cute! thank you, thank you, thank you:)  
Things are good here I love being a missionary mom, it's so great and I'm learning so much that I know will bless my life forever.  Some are not even spiritual things but things that will help me be a good wife and mother in the future like cooking haha.. I know. ."what?" I actually have a great desire when I get home to take some cooking classes at the community college  cause I'm kind of falling in love with it, it's just so fun to cook.  Funny how it took a mission for me to realize that ha! I'm learning a lot about patience in this transfer too...
I love you mom, thank you for all you do:)
p.s. next week is my temple day so I won't email till Tuesday and we also have a zone activity that day so I wont be emailing till late in the day. I love you so so much thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement I enjoy reading your letters every week, they make it easier for me not to miss you guys so much when I'm out working cause I still get to be so connected to you.  mahal kita:) 
Daddy - Happy Fathers Day for next Sunday. You are the best Dad I could ever ask for. I love you so very much and hope you know I will be thinking of you on YOUR Sunday! Have a Great Day.
Family, I love you all so so much continue to have a great summer and remember to be safe:) mahal kita!

Love, Sister Jones

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