Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Friday, June 21, 2013

.....guess what.....I finally got my package!! haha but...

Hello po Family!
Our Temple Tour Group. Annalynn is in Pink. Isn't she adorable. Sister Wilson is in here with her investigators too.
Aweeee. Mom those pictures were great, Bobbi is THE cutest thing! Her smile just melts my heart haha thankyou, looks like you guys had fun:)  and no I didn't get any of the videos, I got one over a month ago of one of the girls dancing but It wouldn't let me watch it soo hindi ko alam...sorry!  Paroo.....guess what.....I finally got my package!! haha but....I can't take it home till next week cause that's when we get our mail..... but I've seeeeen it at the office. HAHAHA  it got there this past Thursday so I will be able to take it home on Monday yay sobrang excited ako talaga, and it took about 8 weeks so not too bad just one more week of being patient haha.
Grandma Thalman emailed me all about your guys' trip up to Show Lo  and how much fun you all had, sounds so great I can't wait to see their cabin in real life.. someday haha it sounds great:)  and I'm so jealous that Andelyn got to go fishing...I loveee fishing, sounds like she really enjoyed it .  We cook fish here in our apartment often, we buy it at the market around the corner, it's soo good! 
Well this week has been so great and we've been way busy.  Saturday we had a temple tour so we took 4 investigators and a few less actives with us to go around the temple, It was a great experience for them they loved it.  Especially for one of our new investigators Annalynn, (sounds almost like Andelyn huh? haha) we have been teaching her for just 2 weeks she came from the province to stay with her cousin Harry who is one of our investigators so we met her at his house and started teaching her as well and she is just so wonderful and kind and really interested in our message.  She's come to church now twice, the temple tour, she comes to baptisms of kids in the ward haha she's just soaking everything up like a sponge, I'm so grateful that we found her talaga and we've become really good friends too, I love this area. I got to see Sister Wilson and we even got a pic together with our temple tour investigators,
Also last week I had a great but kind of nervous type of day... but none the less a great opportunity cause we had MTC exchanges. so because our zone is so close to the Missionary Training Center here, every other Wednesday we get assigned missionaries to come out and work with us from the MTC for 3 to 4 hours, and they are all foreigners who don't know the language.  So I took two missionaries from somewhere in the Polynesian islands out with me into my area by myself and we went to a few appointments and even went tracting and found a new investigator.  I was so nervous be cause I had only been in this huge area for 3 weeks at the time and I still don't understand completely everything but it went really good and was a great experience for me to feel what it would be like to train someone.
THEN the next day the sister trainer leaders surprised us in the morning and told us we had exchanges with them as well so we got split up again and I took Sister. Sabiano with me out to my area for the whole day.  So we were companions again for a day Yay. I love her so.  it was so fun and we got a lot done that day and found 3 new investigators together, it was so great! 
 Today we had temple day which was of course heavenly...and I just keep thinking to myself of how blessed I am that I have a temple in my mission.  What are the chances that out of all 16 missions in the Philippines I get sent to one of the two who gets to go to the temple...Heavenly Father must really love me haha so like I said this week has been busy talaga but so so great.  I absolutely love the work here and love this area, hopefully I don't have to leave soon but it's up to the lord:) my sweet family thank you for all your prayers in my behalf, I hope you know that I as well am constantly praying for you in return.  I love you all with all my heart! Be safe..! 
Mahal kita!
Love, Sister Jones

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