Kumusta po kayo Fam?:)   Holy smokes you guys are so dang busy this week, I hope everything goes smoothly with the dance recital and camp, How fun! my two favorite things haha please be safe going back and forth to all those activities especially with Andelyn driving ha scaryyy but glad to hear that she is doing better and getting closer to getting her license that will be fun;)  Tell everyone I say hi back, aunt coco and rick and the kids also Grandpa and Grandma Thalman when they come to stay with you next week.  Yay and so glad Amelia got her letter I will try to send more handwritten letters more often:) 
Sige..so to answer your questions... I got transferred to a new area and it's called Quirino, it's in the heart of Quezon City down towards the South.  So... no more jungle, and bamboo bridges for me  Ha ha. I'm just a city girl now.  But I really love it. Actually, it's NICE in comparison to my other area and it's close to the temple. Also Sister Sabiano is still in my zone so I see her still quite often which is awe-some!   I am now in a threesome companionship.  Sister Medina is the senior companion she has been out for 7 months in the mission, she is Filipino, 23ys old, and she is training my second companion who is fresh from the Provo MTC Sister Doucette.  She is 19 years old from Centerville Utah.  So it's just the three of us:) I absolutely adore them both they are really great.  Sister Medina is spunky and kind of crazy ha-ha and we warmed up to each other right away and then we got our trainee a bit after and we just all get along great.  It's fun having sister Doucette here and seeing her experience everything that I just got done getting used to. She even ate balut on her first day!!
Ssomething crazy has happened this transfer because all of a sudden I can understand everybody...it's so weird it's like it just clicked suddenly.  I was really struggling still and just the past 2 weeks I've just been able to understand everything and my language has really been improving.  I still have a lot to learn and I'm not fluent yet but I just am so grateful because I know that Heavenly Father has made it happen, and maybe it's because he knew I could help Sister Doucette, she doesn't understand a thing and it's all so new for her but I've been translating things for her and telling her what's happening in meetings and appointments.  I feel really good in this area, I know this is where the lord needs me and we have some great investigators here that I'm excited to teach and work with.
I miss my old investigators badly, but I feel a lot of comfort when I do think of them, I know they are in the lords hands and even though I didn't get to see them get baptized it's okay cause I know that I planted that seed within them and I helped them to grow closer to the Savior which is my purpose here as a missionary.  I'm really grateful that we have Sister Doucette with us because even though I'm not her trainer I'm still one of her first companions and I need to be an example for her, so this new companionship is going to be really great and will prepare me for when I will have to train which will possibly be this next transfer because we have a whopping 12 sisters coming into the mission on July 3rd ha-ha grabee...But it's going to be great we really need the help.  I'm excited for this area and for the work that we will do here and all that is in store for us three here.  Also Sister Medina is a great cook and she's been teaching me how to cook a bunch of Filipino food:) masarap siya talaga! oh and I also got to hang out with Sister Wilson for a few hours on the transfer day cause we were both waiting for our companions at the mission home, it was so great to talk and be together again :o) My area now is actually her very first area so she was showing me pictures and telling me about the ward and stuff which was so great. We got a picture together but I forgot my card reader so next week  sorry:)
Well Fam I sure love you please be safe in everything you do, I'm doing great here don't worry about me, I love you all so so much.  Andelyn and Amelia be good and safe and listen to the promptings of the spirit, Heavenly Father loves you and so do I:) Say your daily prayers and Read your scriptures they will help to strengthen your testimonies of the restored gospel and help you grow closer to our Father in Heaven.  Mahal Mahal ko kayo! muah! 

Love Sister Jones
I bought a new scripture case. A lady from my area makes these from leather. Cool huh?