Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hello po:)

Sister Houser! We were in the MTC together and have been in the same zone for the past 2transfers.Us sister missionaries. Sadly I am parted from my dear trainer and companion Sister Sabiano in the center.
 My and beloved trainer and comp Sister Sabiano and Sister Wills

Elder McDonald. (has a sister who lives in Mesa.  .On ValVista even. 

       Our Church Building. No AC but it is really cute. 

       Crazy Bamboo houses that Filipinos build themselves and some like this one are even two stories high.  

     This is our service project area. We used machetes to hack down all the grass. This took us several weeks to look like this 

    This is our area that we hike most days. It's exhausting.

       There are crazy random stairs in our travels around the forest

   My knarly leg scratches. Got them sliding down a hill.

     8 year old Raquel. A super cute investigator who is so excited for her baptism.


Oh my goodness it was THE BEST to be able to talk to you all last week and see your faces (for at least a little bit ha!).  I felt like it was a dream, after I kept thinking all day did that really just happen?' haha  it really was so good and it gave me extra energy to just work even harder this week.  Thank you for everything you do and all the support you all give me, Sobrang blessed ako talaga!
Mom thank you for all the pictures they are great, Andelyn looks absolutely gorgeous in her prom attire and all the dance pictures I loved. 
Well transfer day is tomorrow and we found out this morning who would all be transfering...and....I'm being transfered! I don't really know what to say it's completely a surprise to the both of us because we are both being transferred.  I have so much washing laundry and packing to do today grabe hah.  We don't know where we will be assigned or who  our new companions are, we just know that we are transferring.  We will just pack all of our things tonight and bring everything to the transfer meeting tomorrow and we will find out then.
We were so shocked, we were certain Sister Sabiano would be transferred and that I'd be left to lead the area with a new senior companion but I guess President decided to white wash our area.  Which means that he takes out the missionaries who are there and puts in two new ones to the area.  Sister Sabiano started crying when we found out I was also transferring:( This area will be hard to whitewash for sure and we are thinking of our sweet investigators and they have baptisms coming up and they trust us and they are preparing for their baptisms but now they will get two new missionaries to teach them.  It's just so different.  I know that President Delamare receives revelation  to where to assign the missionaries here and I trust that this is what needs to happen and Heavenly Father will guide the new missionaries in this area and they will take care of our investigators and help them progress in the gospel.  Everything will be okay:) I'm nervous for this transfer and where I will be sent, it'll be a change but it will be good and I'm excited to see who will be my new companion:)  
We said goodbye to S. Taupale and Elder Tualetonu last night. They got picked up and taken to the mission home to prepare for their flights home, half of us were crying and they were both crying. I don't think I will want to ever leave because it does not look fun, everyone is so sad to leave! This week has been pretty good, except for two days I was sick and we didn't work for those days I was so nauseous I could barely get out of bed without almost throwing up ha sobrang fun de ba? but no I absolutely hate being sick in the mission. I felt so useless and missed going out so much and just felt blehh  but I'm all better now and we worked extra hard the rest of the days to make up for time we had lost.
Nemejio's sons are really progressing and I love those two boys to death.  Jaime(10yrs) and Ihonrin (12yrs).  they are so excited to see us coming and they have been reading and praying about everything.  Yesterday we asked them if they had prayed about what we have been teaching and if they got an answer that it was true and Ihonrin just had the biggest smile on his face  and he just blurted 'Oo totoo siya!' (yes its true) he told us that he had prayed up in the mango tree haha he's so cute! I'm going to miss them so much.  We found Nemejio and the boys in my first few weeks here in the field.  I know heavenly father will take care of them, but I will always remember them for the rest of my days and hopefully I'll be able to see them again before the end of my mission.
We'll see!   Well this upcoming week is gonna be cra-zy hah new area and new companion.  Wish me luck!  Be safe this week my family I love you all good luck in all the things you have going on this week.  Don't work to hard and make sure you make time to spend as a family cause I know how crazy busy you all are.  Be good and Pili and Tama:) choose the right. I love you! Ingat!

Love, Sister Jones

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