Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sister Leaders? New position in the mission field.

Kumusta po family!:) 
Andelyn congratulations on making Pom!!! How fun will that be:) especially for your senior year I’m so excited for you Talaga! and Amelia I heard you danced beautifully in your dance concert, mom tried to send me a clip but I can't open it and watch it on this computer but I know you did great.  I'm so proud of both of you and all you guys are doing, I miss you silly girls:) I can't wait to Skype with you in 6 days ahh!! It’s goanna be so weird because I haven't seen your faces in so long haha but it will be so great! Sounds like your guys are all keeping busy with school and dance which is good.  You two are almost done with the school year excited kayo de ba? 
Well this week was real busy for me as well we were busy preparing for our ward social night that we had on the 3rd.  After months of preparing the night finally arrived and it was AWESOME! We were really focusing on it being a night for the less-actives and our investigators to come and mingle with the members and we had a great turnout.  To be honest I was pretty scared that not many people would come but thanks to our awesome members it really came together.  We had about 140 in attendance which is twice as much as our turnout in sacrament meeting ha ha. We had about 30 investigators there and tons of the less actives came. We also invited President Delmare and he actually came which is an honor as he is so insanely busy but both he and sister Delamare came and stayed for the whole thing.  They were so impressed and kept telling us how great it was.  The youth and the Relief Society and Elders Quorum both had presentations and they did Hawaiian dances which were actually  awesome I was impressed ha-ha than we had a church tour where each auxiliary had a presentation in each room about all the different programs in the church like, Relief Society, Elders Quorum, young men’s, young women’s, and sacrament meeting, and they each talked about what goes on and the investigators just went around to each room than after we had rice and ulom prepared and everyone just sat around eating and talking while the kids played, it was seriously perfect  and it couldn't have gone better.  Sister Sabiano and I prayed and prayed for weeks that it would all come together and that our investigators would be able to come and it really did.  Hallelujah!:)


I fell and scraped up my leg real bad on Sunday night ha-ha it looks pretty nasty and stings.  We were coming down the side of this mountain from a members house and it was dark and I just slipped and fell and skidded on down a while ha! So now my leg looks pretty knarley and EVERYONE keeps staring at it and asking me what happened...ano ba yan..I just tell everyone that Sister Sabiano pushed me ha-ha! but I’m taking care of it with peroxide and Neosporin. 
Our investigators are doing pretty good, sadly no baptisms... soonish maybe, we are really trying to prepare Nemejio and Jaimie but Tatay has work all week and he works from 6am to 11pm so that leaves us no time to come visit him for a whole week so now his baptism is pushed back:(  Here in our mission something that is required for baptism is that they have to come to church 4 times in a row.  Which is HARD. That’s the main reason we haven't had any baptisms.  That rule is in place because we need to make sure they really want to be baptized and they are committed to coming.  Or else we would have tons of baptisms and they would all go inactive after.  For the members here it is a true evidence of their faith when they come to church, because they have to wake up early climb up the mountain, pay for fair to get to the building etc.. but Filipinos are so nice that if you ask them to be baptized they will say yes just to be nice, so when they come to church at least 4 times in a row that shows that they really have that desire to follow Christ and be baptized. 
We have a lot of great investigators that really have potential though and it's been a joy teaching them even if they don't come to church cause you can still see the change that is happening as they accept the gospel.  
This week we had a zone training and we talked about the atonement.  We just went around and talked about the role of the atonement in our lives and it was such a great spiritual experience for everyone.  Some shared experiences about the atonement and how it had blessed their lives and at one point or other we all had shed tears.  The spirit was so strong and my testimony of the atonement grew even more from all they had shared.  The reason I decided to serve a mission is because I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real.  I know how important it is and Heavenly Father put into me that desire to share the healing and forgiving power of the atonement.  
I am honored to wear the name of my Redeemer on my chest every day and to share his gospel with the world.  I love this work! 

My next transfer day is May 22nd, and I’m almost completely positive sister Sabiano will be transferring.  They made a new leadership position for the sisters in all the missions around the world called "Sister Leaders".  They are like our zone leaders but for the whole mission.  There will be 4 sister leaders over all the sisters in the mission and they do 24 hour splits with us.  So they go to each area of all the sisters and work with them for 24 hours twice a week.  I'm 99 percent sure sister Sabiano will be one of them ha-ha she denies it but I know.. I know she's one. That leadership position starts this next transfer.
Family...I get to talk to you in 6 days and I really cant wait :) it will be great to see and hear you hehe, be safe this week.  I will talk to you soon.  God bless you my sweet family,  Sobre Mahal ko kayo!
Sister Jones

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