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Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, June 24, 2013


 Magandang Hapon po ang Pamilya ko!

 Us girls being silly. Everything is better in the Philippines.

Our Dinner one night. Crab is YUMMY! 

Zone conference

 Boiled Quail Eggs for dinner. They are yummy too.

Our small but mighty district.

Tthe Abat family children, they are so super smart and speak English like Americans! probably cause there mom is super awesome and is a return missionary:) 

 Brother AL and his Fiancée Amy


 Part of our Zone at the ABCCBN activity.
So my sweet family and friends who are reading this I finally got my package that was sent 11 weeks ago with all the wonderful letters, cards, food, goodies and toys from everyone, we opened it up earlier and had tons of fun looking at all it's contents and squealing in delight when one of our favorite goodies was found inside haha! Thank you to all who contributed to my package I feel so blessed and loved to have so much support from my friends and family.  Heavenly Father has blessed me so abundantly with the people who I've been surrounded with throughout my life, Sobrang nagpapasalamt po ako para sa inyo lahat (I'm so grateful for all of you).  I'm definitely going to be sharing it with everyone..... there is so much! haha grabe but it's awesome and hopefully next week another sister will be moving in so their will be 4 of us to work on eating it.  Thank you for all the candy and goodies I'll try to remember to always take a handful in my bag with me everywhere to give to all the kids who come begging, they would like that:) But I can't say thank you enough and I could probably fill up a few paragraphs thanking everyone separately but for now just know that I am grateful and you know who you are! 
This week has been magical.  Brother Al was baptized and it went so so good, the spirit was so strong and after he even bore his testimony and it was so sweet.  He expressed his thanks to the missionaries for teaching him and my heart just felt like it was going to burst.  Him and his fiancé Amy are going to be married in a few weeks and they have a goal to be married in the temple, I'm so excited for them and it was a great experience to teach him and help him to prepare to be baptized.  His brother in law confirmed him yesterday as well and Al just had a huge smile on his face after.
Sister LynLyn (Annalyn) is really progressing and we had a lesson with her the other day and I have to say it was probably one of the strongest moments that I've felt the holy ghost in a lesson before.  We came by to teach her and her cousin harry and we walked in and she had been studying the gospel principles manual, she had her book of Mormon and Bible laid out on the table with a journal and marking pens nearby, I was so excited! We have only been teaching her for a few weeks and she's already having daily scripture study, she's wonderful! We were only 2 minutes in the door and I started getting teary eyed just looking at her and seeing how excited she was about the gospel.  We asked her to be baptized that day and we are all crying including her, she explained to us that when we had first came and taught a lesson in their house that she wasn't  interested but stayed to listen anyways and then she came to church with Harry and she just felt something inside that made her want to keep coming and until now she has continued to have those same feelings.  We explained to her that it was the Holy Ghost speaking to her and testifying to her that all the things she has heard at church and in the lessons with us are true.  She really started crying after we asked her to be baptized and  is so excited and anxious to follow the savior and be baptized..  The spirit was just overflowing and everyone in the room was crying and on our way home I  thanked Heavenly Father for putting me in this area and putting LynLyn in our path.  She has truly been prepared to hear the gospel.
I am just so happy...I can't even put it into words.  Since I've been in the mission it's probably been the hardest thing... teaching the gospel and knowing that these people need it so badly in their lives but they just don't accept it and it's so hard for them to understand and than they just stop listening, but to watch someone like Sister LynLyn except it so quickly and powerfully and know already that it is true,  it  is a testimony to me of how true this gospel is. Some have been prepared to hear the gospel and some are not yet ready, and that's okay and they have their agency.  But I'm grateful to be here and have the opportunity to find those who are prepared and who are waiting for us to knock on their door.  I love this work and moments like that moment with LynLyn make all the hard times here so so worth it.
This week we  said goodbye to President Delamare at our Zone Conference.  He and his family all shared their testimonies and than he sang us "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and his voice is just heavenly and so sweet.  It made almost the entire room cry haha I'm really glad I was able to be under his direction for the 4 months I've been in the field, I will miss him very much he was a great mission President for us.
I'm excited for President Revillo to get her next week though, I guess he's the Human Resource person for Kellog's so I don't know what to expect but he sounds really cool and I know the lord has prepared him to be our new mission president here in Quezon City:)
Not much more for this week we've been keeping busy with our less-actives and investigators and...the mouse in our apartment! We have had a little mouse in our apartment for the past few weeks and we've been trying to catch it but it's unbelievably fast and we have no idea where it is right now but it's somewhere in the apartment haha! Every few days we will see it and run around screaming and moving things trying to shew it out and we have no luck, so hopefully this week we will succeed in our endeavors to get rid of little mousey.
Family and friends thank you AGAIN for the goodies and letters in my package. Salamat talaga sa inyo lahat! Mahal Kita lahat! Ingat till next week. 
Love, Sister Jones

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