Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I have been called to be a trainer :o)

 Kamusta po Family:) 
 ME! in front of the President Quezon monument. At a district activity. Fun Day.

Little characters I drew of my trio...and our little saying in Tagolog. It's totally us to a T!

The Quezon Monument. It's huge. 

 Kamusta po Family:)

Sounds like you have been having a great summer so far:) tubing down the salt river sounds soo fun! I'm extremely jealous right now as I'm sitting here in this stuffy internet café with no air con or fans  it's so hot! July 4th is coming up, I'm excited to hear all about your activities for that.  No celebrations here  just work work work and I love it :o)
 This week has been busy, getting ready for transfers and such. Before he left President Delamare   scheduled a big cleaning day for the whole mission, no morning studies just cleaning the apartment from top to bottom.  Basically it wasn't all that fun cause our apt? was pretty messy haha but we had fun while we worked, practicing our Tagalog, and..chasing the mouse out. Whew! we got the little guy out but than we found him again yesterday so I give up! The mission office has mouse traps though so maybe we will ask for one but I really don't want it to have to come down to that eww..
SOME exciting news for this transfer. I have been called to be a trainer:)  I meet my new missionary tomorrow, she will be coming straight off the plane from the MTC in Provo.  I'm really nervous, and scared but excited to.  It's a great opportunity for me to grow and become a good teacher.  I'm nervous because I'll have to teach her Tagalog too and I'm not completely fluent yet myself! but.. I know Heavenly Father will help me to teach her and be able to lead this area. Our little trio is now dissolved but Sister Medina and her new missionary will be living in our same apartment.
Sister Doucette is being transferred, she is going to my old zone the Cogeo Zone, I'm excited for her she will love that area, it's not exactly my old area but it's about 15 minutes away from it.  Sister Medina and I will be training in our area, and it's being split.  Which is so good and I'm so happy about it.  It's been a real struggle with this area being so big and we can only visit people once a week or so.  Right now we have no progressing investigators.  We have many investigators they just aren't progressing, they each have different things that are holding them back from progressing in the gospel, we've been really bummed:/ but..I feel good about this transfer, we will now be able to focus on people more in each area and be able to visit them more often and teach them.
We still need more people to teach though, so my trainee and I will be busy "tao po" ing at doors ( instead of knocking on doors, the missionaries just stand at the entrances of the little houses and huts and call out "tao po" which means "hello there people") and talking to people in the streets which will be great experience for her as well as for me.  It's actually one of my favorite things to do, I love finding new people to teach:)
Brother Al is doing very well, I think he is getting the Priesthood this Sunday or next?? so that will be great for him and I'm proud of him he's still doing great and coming to church and He and Amy's wedding plans are coming along good :) I was able to see the missionary broadcast this past Sunday, and it was absolutely wonderful.  Within 5 minutes I was crying Ha. just seeing all those missionaries singing 'hark all ye nations' at the beginning just really got me and I immediately got goose bumps just thinking that all those missionaries are going out into the world to preach the gospel. .just wow
 I'm really excited for all the new opportunities that will be offered to missionaries to help with the work.  I don't think a lot of those things will start in the Philippines anytime soon though, probably around the time when I'll be leaving actually.  I absolutely loved the broadcast though, and how it focused on the members doing their part in the missionary work.  I'm so excited when I get home to be a member missionary and help the missionaries.  The members are KEY.  We cannot do this work without them.  It really encouraged me to be even better here in the mission as well, it was truly inspired and inspirational.
 I also had the opportunity to meet our new MIssion President Revillo, at the trainers meeting, he is so nice and I already love him, he will do great things for the Quezon City Mission.
We've really ben enjoying all the things in my box this week as well YUMMY... and .  We gave some much loved boxes of hash browns, cereal  and a cookie mix  to a few of the Elders in our district and they ate it all in one night!!! yeah...that's the elders for ya haha. Here we are savoring every bit and they blow it all in one night.  Don't worry I've been sharing all my treats ;)
 I need to wrap this up now though but HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!  I love you all and have fun and be safe this week, I'm excited to let you know how my first week as a trainer will go next week when i email again.  Love you guys Muah! Ingat! 

Love, Sister Jones

****What she didn't say was that she has been sick all week. Sure is hard to be a Mother of a sick missionary. I want to bring her dinner and .take care of her. :(  She is feeling better now and I chewed her out for not going to the Dr. Just get nervous about all the things she can get or catch out there in another country. 


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