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Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, July 29, 2013

I wish you could all come out with me just for one day

Dear Family,

This is a weird picture but Sister Medina took 3 pictures in one shot, but this is us in action we found a lady in the mall, she came to us and was talking to us and in these pictures I'm talking to her and explaining the restoration pamphlet and inviting her to come to church haha. 

  Us at a district activity at the zoo :) these are from sister Ika's camera that we took last week. 
Thanks for the pictures and the updates on everyone, Andelyn I hope you had a great time at pom camp and mom loved the pictures of you as a missionary at the youth conference experience in Thatcher.  You got to experience a little of what I do here in the mission, it's great work talaga.  Sometimes I wish you could all come out with me just for one day and see what it's like.  Wouldn't that be an adventure? haha 

This week we had a few fun things that happened, We celebrated Pioneer Day with a Church tour for our stake on Saturday.  The other ward that we share our building hosted it and it went  great and it was so organized it was wonderful.  We had a great turnout, all the missionaries in our zone were there to help be tour guides and answer questions etc.  And to end the night they had a concert and it was awesome! One of the numbers was the whole primary and they were all dressed up as pioneer children and sang some pioneer songs as they danced around the stage.  They were adorable and I even got a little teared up because even though we are thousands of miles away from where the original pioneers made their way to Utah, countries all over the world recognize their courage and celebrate them and the sacrifices they made so that we could have the gospel even here a cross the sea in the Philippines.
 Yesterday Brother Al gave his first talk in church, he spoke on ordinances and he shared experiences from his baptism with the congregation.  You could tell he was so nervous but he did a great job.  I'm grateful for the Bishop for giving him opportunities to share his new testimony with other people. 
We have been talking with the bishop about ways to help the members and investigators get to church and a few ideas have been thrown out, and one is that possibly we will start a group in our area, (a group is a smaller version of a branch).  It would be a great thing to happen for us but the problem we are having is finding a house big enough for all the members to fit in.  It's a process that could take months, it has to go through the stake president and even the area presidency.  I pray and hope that something can be done for them though, I've also mentioned it to the mission President and he's been giving his thoughts and advice to us as well.  I have faith though that they will be taken care of in time, Heavenly Father knows their needs and their struggles and he will provide a way to get the gospel to them.  
These last few days have been a little rough, I've had a bad cold ever since Saturday night after the tour.  We only went to Sacrament meeting yesterday and today Its been hard. We got caught in heavy rain on Saturday and were soaked so I think that's the cause but I'm not sure. Other than that I've been fine and dandy, just sick of being sick is all ha. So Prayers would be appreciated for both Sister Ika and I that we don't get sick anymore.  One of us has gotten sick every week this transfer and it been discouraging for us.  
I love you Fam! please be safe in all your activities this week and know that I pray for you every night.  Mahal ko kayo lahat! 

Love, Sister Jones


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