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Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello Family and Friends

Hi Fam!!

                                      OUR ZONE CONFERENCE FOR CHRISTMAS

This might be a little short cause I spent most of my time emailing President details about the splits we did, and we have to email a separate one to Sister Revillo as well.  Sorry! But I did read the emails you sent me and Dad thanks so much for the info about School, I'll get right on the things that you need from me:) 
Sounds like you guys are doing great and I'm excited for you to go to the Gilbert Temple open house, how special! and your bringing guests I'm so proud:) I hope that Conrad has a good experience there and lets the spirit touch his heart. 
This week I've gained an even greater love for temples if that's even possible! But we were blessed to be able to witness the Elnare family in our ward be sealed as a Family for Time and All Eternity:) they have been preparing for over a year now to enter the temple and they've been in and out of activity in the church since they were converted.  But they've really been working on it for the past year and they've done a great job.  Sister Campbell has known them since the start of her mission and I know it was really special for her to see them get sealed in the temple, it was special for me and I haven't even known them for very long.  Sister Campbell was actually sister Elnares' escort for her temple experience.  It was just us 2 missionaries and than our bishop and Brother Polidario from the ward that were their for their sealing.  They were really grateful to us for being their:) Brother and Sister Elnare bore their testimonies yesterday during fast and testimony meeting, they talked about families being together forever and their feelings about the temple, it was so sweet:)  one of the Highlights of my mission! 



we worked with 3 companionships this week, it went really great!
Basically our callings as STL's is to teach, train, and counsel sisters in their missionary work.  We help them with obedience issues and give advice in personal and companionship issues, kind of like counseling.  This calling is a huge blessing to me and I'm grateful that the lord trusts me with this responsibility.  I had great experiences working with the sisters, and had some great spiritual experiences with them in their areas.  On Wednesday we worked with Sister Dickison and Sister Doucette, my two past previous companions! haha.  I worked with sister Doucette for the day and it was so great to see how much she has grown in her mission since the last time we served together in May when she first got to the Philippines.  She's a great missionary and she's great at the language now too:) We worked on Thursday with Sister Strebel and her companion Sister Tereke.  and on Friday we worked with a pair of sisters in our zone, I worked with Sister Peretu from Kirdibas (somewhere in the polynesian islands ha) she is a hoot! We found a new investigator named ninyo while we were out working together and it was such a great spiritual lesson.  We focused on how the gospel blesses Families because he talked a lot about how much he loves his wife and new baby girl.  Perfect! The lesson went great and he is super interested and at the end we asked if he would offer the closing prayer.  He was really nervous to do so but we explained and taught him how and assured him with big smiles that he could do it.  His prayer was simple, but so sweet and really from the heart.  He opened his eyes after and looked at us with glazy eyes and said "wow, that was the first time".... We asked him how he felt inside, and he just replied that he felt really good inside and kept rubbing his chest.  I know he was feeling the spirit...and i'm grateful to be here to help people feel that for themselves.  I'll never forget the smile on his face after he prayed...:) My heart is just so full this week...I'm meeting so many new people from other areas and sisters that I haven't known well in the mission and Heavenly Father is just blessing me with Charity and Love for each of them.  I just feel so blessed....Missionary work is the Best! 
                                Shyla is an Aswang! hahaha 
Aswang are creatures who supposedly live in the philppines especially in the province areas who are basically like vampires, and have wings and stuff but can be disguised as normal people too and can pass it down through their kids.  Philippines legitally think they are real, Even Sister Sabiano! we stayed up one night talking about it and she really thinks they are real and is super serious haha she's silly.  
I love you guys! Thanks for everything you do and your love and support:) also btw I loved all the stuff going on in the lessons for young womens.  Sounds great! Preparing them to be future missionaries hehe and amelia I love you and the funny things you say...I miss that:) 

Mahal ko kayo! Be sAFe! eh! 

Love Sister Ammah Jones 





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