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Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ammah's Day after Christmas Letter. See all her pictures in the Blog below this one!

Hello Family and Friends! 

Well yesterday was awesome cause I got to talk to my awesome family,  Ever since then I've just been playing it over in my head.  I don't even feel like it really happened ha I feel like it was a dream, a really awesome Dream! But it was so nice and everyone looks so good:) 
I did have a pretty great Christmas and I wasn't really to homesick much.  We had some families that had us over for Dinner and pretty much every appointment we went to on Christmas Eve and on Christmas, they all gave us so much food.  Last night I felt like I was gonna puke, so stuffed! The families are so  awesome though and I already feel like some members here are part of my family.  One of them is Shyla, she's a member and I already feel like we are best friends,  she comes and works with us often and she wants to serve a mission too.  She started crying yesterday when we gave her our christmas present and card, cause her family is far away right now so we are basically like her family. And she wrote me a card as well and it was the sweetest thing ever and I'll keep it forever! 

We also spent all Christmas visiting investigators and giving them cards we made and a little gift comprised of The living Christ, The Family Proclamation and a Family History Paper.  Hopefully they all like it and can feel our love for them:) 

Well I'm pretty much loving this area and loving my companion sister Campbell.  She is from Idaho and she's crazy! haha we get along so well and I'm excited for all the work we will do this transfer.  Since we are Sister Training Leaders (STL's) we don't get to work in our area very much so the days we do have in our area are precious.  We decided to stay this week to spend Christmas with the families in our ward and starting next week we will start traveling around the mission and visiting the Sisters doing 24 hour splits with them.  I'm really excited! Some weeks we have 4 days in a row where we don't come home and just keep traveling and spending the night at the sisters houses.  It's a lot of work! and everyday in a different area ha but I'm excited to see the other areas of the mission and meet some of the sisters that I don't know to well.  It will be great:) 

The ward here is awesome and I already feel right at home.  This past week we have gotten so many referrals from the members, and they come with us and introduce us to their friends and families who are non-members.  They are awesome and working so hard to share the gospel with their friends:) awww.  It helps a lot because we won't have a lot of time to go out tracking and finding in our own area so we are getting new investigators from the Members, hallelujah! and some of them are so prepared to hear the gospel and they are great potential investigators. and it's so cool because when we talk to them they tell us they are interested because they have seen the examples of the members that they know and they see their families and how close they are and how good their kids are and they want that in their lives.  So Family and friends, you never know who is watching you but always be a good example and share the gospel through the things that you do because I know people see it and  they wonder about how they can receive the blessings that you have. AND don't be afraid to ask them if they would like the missionaries to come over and share with them more.  Members are a key instrument in Missionary work, I've realized that hear and I'm so grateful to the members who have been helping us, I'm so proud and excited to be in this ward:) 

Again to my family, it was so great to talk to you yesterday and I love you more and more every week and every letter and I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've seen you! so crazy! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year Everyone! Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Bagong Taon sa inyo lahat! Mahal ko kayo:) I love you! 

nagmamahal, Sister Ammah Jones

Mom-enjoy the thousands of pictures haha! I told you I had a lot:) just remember to save them..please:) love u! 

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