Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Thursday, December 26, 2013


 Ammah and her brand new Sister Trainer Leader Companion Sister Campbell from Idaho, but she is Filippino. Ha.
 Ammah loves the kiddies
 Apartment in Pateros (she just left her)
 Sights she she's each day
 Ammah and Sister Dicisons Christmas Cards.
 Mrs Shyla and her family, our hosts for  Christmas Eve, we had dinner and she gave us all presents.
 Recent baptized girl and her little cousin that Ammah adores
 My new house is a Condominium and we are on the 7thfloor walk up, it has a pool and a basketball court in the basement. Am I still in the Philippines. Someone pinch me. We have a shower too!
Our Condo. Nice huh???? 
 Me and Sister Campbell on our Christmas Eve at Shyla's house
 Everyone dresses up for Christmas Parties here. I know weird...We went as "Sr. Companions" haha...Mom says I look like Granny Jones
 All my little friends from Pateros
 Two little boys of new members. We gave them piggy banks to save for their missions and put pesos in it when we see them.
 Me and Sister Dickison.
 The streets in my neighborhood
 I love the Pateros Ward
 Little primary girls who did the crazy Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie number for primary program. HAHA...only in the Philippines.
 Our little Punks from Pateros. haha
 Cute Puppy that looks just like Ruby when she was a puppy.
 More Christmas Eve
 Sister Sabiano, My first comp when I got here
 Sister Tereke...aka...Pocahontas Her hair goes all the way to her knees.
 Me and my new STL comp Sister Campbell. She is Awesome
 Sister Sabiano. Mom sent her a Christmas box and she is wearing the top and necklace that were her gifts in the box.
 Sister Campbell killing our companion with cockroach spray. Not really. haha.  

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