Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, August 19, 2013

You find those prepared and than the ones that are not so prepared and you love them all.

             Tim-Tams! haha this is for the Tucketts:)

The children of our investigator April. They love us haha they were singing songs for us that they had learned at school that day here.

Magandang Hapon Po from the WET Philippines.

Hello again family:) I run out of ways to start my letters haha so it's the same boring "hello family" every week but just imagine me saying it all excited and stuff! Oh man...those pictures of cousin Bobbi were beyond adorable! She has to be one of the cutest chunkiest babies I've seen (besides Amelia of course) ha! and the pictures from the Crab Shack were awesome, You all pull off those bibs just great;) and Yes the fruit I was talking about is Rambutan, I remembered after I got off the computer that I forgot to tell you what they were called.  Dad, It's definitely possible that you could find them at that Asian mall.  I eat them all the time, they are a great snack.
I hope you didn't worry to much about the typhoon and all ha , I just want to reassure you to not worry we are just fine here, just real wet all the time and cold....yes I said cold! haha I actually had to get out my quilt last night that I brought and wrapped myself up in it all night.  It's been raining NON STOP for the past 5 days, it just doesn't let up.  I'm grateful I'm in an area where it doesn't flood like some other areas here in the mission.  

Well to be honest their really isn't too much to say about this week.  Other than the rain it's been normal.  Jenny is still doing great she came to church again this week her third time in a row! We also had a sweet moment with her in a lesson the other day.  At the end of our lesson she expressed her gratitude to us for teaching her and guiding her. She said she will miss us so much when we have to leave this area in the future and she will never forget us...It was just some of the nicest things I have heard from someone here and it  warmed my heart.  I'm glad I could help someone like her who has been so prepared to accept the gospel.  I'm grateful that I could be in this area for a time to be able to meet her and many more like her here.  It makes me confident in the revelation that President receives that we are needed in certain places and certain times to help certain people.  Some of the investigators we have had we have had to drop lately because they aren't's sad when we have to decide to drop someone.  We don't completely say goodbye to them though we just "put them on a shelf" so to say.  maybe it's just not their time right now and that's okay.  I  pray that someday they will think about the things we have taught them and maybe some missionaries in the future will find them again when they are prepared. For right now we have to use the lords time wisely and find those who have been prepared to hear the gospel right now.  One of these is a 14 year old boy Erwin who I have taught since my 2nd week in this area.  I have so much love for that kid and a week ago we had to say goodbye.  We still visit and say hi to him, but my eyes watered as we left that house...I pray for him every night.  hmm.. but that's the life of a missionary though.  You find those prepared and than the ones that are not so prepared and you love them all.
On a more lighter note, we have two new sisters in the house Sister Strebel and them are a threesome.  So now we have 5 sisters living under one little roof. haha and let me tell you it's squished in there talaga.  One bathroom for 5 sister missionaries..yah...just ponder that for a second! But, they seem nice and I'm excited to continue to get to know them.  
Well Fam, I love you all and I think about you all the time and always have a constant prayer in my heart for you. I love you:) Listen to the spirit and continue to be good my sweet sisters;) 
Love, Sister Jones

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