Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday February 5th

Kumusta po ng pamilya ko!

I can't believe that tomorrow begins my 4th week here, I literally feel like I was just sitting here writing you just a few days ago, time really fly’s here!

Life here is keeping me busy and it sounds like life in mesa is doing the same for you guys. The youth conference, snow trip, and cabin sounds like it was so fun! I was so sad to hear that our bishopric got released :( but, I do love all the new men called into the bishopric they will do a great job! Mom how did the NAU trip go?? That is a long ways to drive but I do hope it went well, ask Amelia to write me and tell me about it all please. I just got my package!! haha the whole time I was opening it Sister Wilson just kept saying "I love your mom! I love your mom!" I saw Cole his second day here and we have the same eating schedule so I actually see him multiple times a day.He's such a cute little missionary! *Cole is Ammah’s cousin.

Mom thank you thank you for that scripture in Jeremiah 1 it was SO perfect. I shared it with Sister Wilson and we immediately looked it up and highlighted it. The language is coming slowly but it's coming yay! I've figured out that I need to just focus on what I want and feel like I need to say to our "investigators" and the words come more easily. We usually teach a couple times a day to our two investigators, Daryl and Jenifer. The other day we taught Daryl the apostasy, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, AND how to pray all in one 30 minute lesson and we didn't even have any notes! It went so well we were very happy that the language is really starting to make sense, it's still hard but I'm not as frustrated and I've just been learning to be patient. We also started TRC this week which is training resource center and it's where volunteers come in and just listen to us teach them a lesson in Tagalog. They act like themselves and most of them are return missionaries form the Philippines so they all speak fluent Tagalog but it was really fun we taught two people. One was this girl who had served in Quezon City and she said we would love It :) we have TRC every Wednesday it's definitely something I look forward to. Sister Wilson and I got to teach a lesson on Sunday to our district and a member of our branch presidency about Faith in Jesus Christ. I've come to realize that this is my all-time favorite topic to study and teach EVER! You could talk for hours on faith seriously, sister Wilson and I taught for 45 minutes (in English ha!) and we didn't even use all the informoation we had planned. It went so good and I learned even more about how faith works. We came across a story in the Book of Mormon that I never had really focused on before or even had been taught much about before, but it is now one of my absolute favorite stories in the BOM HELAMAN CHAP 5: READ IT. it's so good! Nephi and Lehi are so awesome ha-ha sister Wilson and I were getting so excited reading it.

So one thing that our district LOVES to do is sing. All the elders love harmonizing together so whenever they have free time they all whip out their hymn books and pick a song to sing while we are studying. It's funny cause they all aren't huge choir kids or anything and individually they don't have amazing voices but they sound really good together. Il started singing with them and slowly they figured out that I could sing pretty good ha-ha so now they are all obsessed with my voice and fight over who gets to sit by me so that they can hear my voice hah! They made me sing a solo one day in class so embarrassing! I told them that I had recorded some hymns before they left and now they keep hounding me to ask my mom to burn them all cd's with my songs on them :o). We can't listen to cd's or music here at the mtc but out in the mission we can.

One of our Zone leaders, elder Holmes, had to leave this week due to a shoulder injury he got playing basketball ha go figure.. he has to have surgery on it and he was supposed to leave in a week. He had to get sent home to have surgery and recover for 2 months than they are sending him directly to his mission in the Philippines. We were all sad to see him go and so our whole zone (4 districts) prepared to sing "god be with you till we meet again" we all crowded on the stairwell with him at the bottom and as soon as we started singing his eyes filled up with tears. He cried through the whole thing, and a lot of us were crying aswell, I was included in that it just made me think of all the friendships I've made here and leaving our sweet elders in our district. I don't want that day to come :( But.. There are people in the Philippines being prepared to be taught and I anxiously await the day that I get there.

I have a story for you :o) Our Teacher Brother Kovach told us a story from his mission. He and his companion are walking through this jungley part of their mission which was in Manila and the Philippines has these spiders called bird spiders, and at night hundreds of them spin webs in the trees and as the birds come flying through they get caught in these webs and the spiders eat them. These spiders are huge, a little bigger than my fist  and at night they all hang down from the trees waiting for prey. Any ways him and his companion are just walking through at night going back to their residence and they can feel these spiders brushing the tops of their heads so what they would do every night is put their backpacks over their heads and just run through and they can hear all these spiders hitting the tops of their backpacks "thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk" haha Sister Wilson and I were faareeeking out! haha we always thought they didn't have those in our area of the Philippines. It's funny cause Sister Wilson has specifically been saying this whole time we've been here that she's "so glad they don't have bird eating spiders there" I was laughing pretty hard.
Mom thank you again for my package we were so excited,  I haven't tried the boots on yet but I will tonight and I'll write you about it. All the stuff in the box is so fun! Thank you!! I love you!
Ingat my family and listen to the spirit I'm so glad to hear you are all doing so well with yourscriptures and prayer. You will be blessed! I'll continue to pray for you all and I miss you! Hugs and kisses! Mahal Kita! :)

             Ammah's scenic route to the provo Temple at 6 a.m. in the morning


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