Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 2nd - So some news....I'm leaving the island of Mindoro and going back to the mainland.

Jun 2 at 10:45 PM
Well...another week has gone by haha and now it's time for transfers again.  It really flew by, and now i'm starting to get stressed cause i only have 6 weeks left:/ ahhh! I could never imagine before how it would feel to be this close to finishing my mission.  I'm mixed emotions for sure but...i'm still focused on my purpose as a missionary and will work hard till the end.  So some news....i'm leaving the island of Mindoro and going back to the mainland.  I'll be in TayTay now, which is where i was right before i came here to Mindoro but i'll be in a different area.  I even worked there as an STL when we would do exchanges with the sisters, it's a great area and I've heard great things about the ward there.  so excited!:) My new companion is Sister Morrell.  She's known in the mission for being absolutely gorgeous haha.  I've worked with her before and she's a great missionary, she even served here in Mindoro as well for 6 months so we will have lots to talk about and will get along so great.

The Absalon Mother and Father. Baptism day.
This week Boyet & Andrea Absalon were baptized! It was a great service, Their two older boys who we are also teaching weren't able to come cause they had work, so we were sad about that but it was a great day for them. They are one of my favorite families here in the mission.  They have such sweet testimonies of the gospel and they are just always wanting to learn more.  Last week Brother Absalon told me how much he appreciates that I came here to the Philippines and taught him and his family.  He said if i transfer they will be so sad hah.  We are going to them tonight so i will tell them tonight. I know that the lord will take care of them.  I can see brother Absalon being a leader in the church here in the San Jose branch.  He's so humble and just christ-like. I'm going to miss them! 
Sister Wilson and ME! Yay.....Finally. We served together.

This past week I also got to work with Sister Wilson finally! we have wanted to work with each other our entire missions. It was so great to see how far we have both come and now we can both speak tagalog haha.  We reminisced throughout the day about our days in the MTC and about our fake investigators and laughed about our awful tagalog skills back than haha. It was great:) Were both excited to see our families and we can't believe it's almost the end of our missions.  We are already planning trips to visit each other after hehe.
Sister Fewster has an un secret admirer that gives her fresh fish everyday. haha. It's great for us all.

Sister Fewster and me.

I'm excited for this transfer and whats in store.  I'm sad to leave Mindoro but I know i've done what the lord has wanted me to do here and i've left the area better than when i found it.  We have 4 baptisms coming up next week, i won't be here to see them, but thats not what matters.  I'm just so grateful to Heavenly Father for each person i've taught here and helped prepare to follow the Savior and be baptized into his true church.  I just love this work so much.  

Hope you guys have had a great week, take care and be safe I pray for you everyday. love u! <3  

love always, Sister Ammah Jones 

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