Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm feeling like a real Filipino missionary now.


                                                Hello Po!! Mahal ng araw!! Happy Easter!

So glad to hear that your talks went well for Easter Sunday Mom and Dad  :) I only have an hour to email today so I'll have to print out the rest of your email and read it later at home so I’ll comment on the stuff you guys said next week okay, because I need to email the mission president as well within this hour.  We individually email him every week and tell him how our week went etc.. Sigh!

 So I'm not going to lie yesterday I was sobre missing you guys cause it was my first holiday out in the field ha wierrrdd! And it really felt like any other day unfortunately nothing special even church wasn't much different and we just went out and taught lessons again after so it really was just like any other Sunday in the mish and I was just thinking about you guys and what you were going to be doing today.   Moral is that I missed you all tons! Love the pageant pictures and I know the feeling you’re having that it is all over it's so sad! Parrooo..I encourage you both to keep that feeling in your heart and carry it for as long as possible and let it give you that push to continue doing things that will let you have those feelings all the time! Scripture study and daily prayer will do that I promise because that’s how I feel every day after I've done my daily studying it just propels me forward and I’m excited to get out and share what I’ve learned for myself through studying

 I'm glad you enjoyed my pictures :) ha-ha yeah we have to cross that bridge twice a week.  Each time we cross I just picture in my mind one of those action movies where the bridge snaps and they hang on for dear life and swing to the edge! But it's pretty sturdy actually, it may not look like it but we are always very careful and only 2 people can cross at a time.

I'm feeling like a real Filipino missionary now ha-ha I'm getting really I have serious tan lines on my feet from my shoes and also my wrist from my watch. I’m just getting used to everything like the bucket showers and the bugs, I’m getting good at washing my clothes by hand which takes forever and my hands are all raw afterwards but no worries! I love the food here and it's treating my body a little better but I still have my moments, so does sister Sabiano.  We were laughing last night because random moments throughout our studies or in the middle of the night one of us will jump up and run out of the room holding our stomachs and yelling "I have to go to the CR! (Bath room)" ha-ha! We are really getting close and are always laughing together and I’m learning how to become a better missionary under her care. I'm sobre grateful for her. 

 This week was a little tough ugh..because of Easter a lot of families aren’t home so we found no new investigators this week which is depressing but...we now have 14 investigators with baptismal dates woohoo!! Some of them are going to be tough to prepare for their dates though because it's sobre hard to get them to come to church.  First off, our ward meets at 8am which is really hard for people to get up and there on time, some live high up on mountain tops and they have to hike quite a ways to church, but mostly a lot of them just don't have money to ride a jeepney or tricycle which is a bummer but we keep telling them that if they have a sincere desire to come and really put forth an effort to save money throughout the week to come that the lord will provide!

We have some investigators who are absolutely wonderful and they are really progressing and doing the things we ask them like reading the book of Mormon and praying to know if what we teach is true.  I'm so excited for Maricris and Rafael (mentioned them 2 emails ago I think) they are saving up money to get birth certificates so that they can be married before their baptism.  And then Tatay Emijio and Jaime they came to church again and both want to get baptized.  We bought them a picture of the Quezon City temple and they hung it up in their house.  We have a temple tour on Saturday so we are excited to bring them to see it in real life :) 

The language is coming along slowly. I feel myself getting better but I still have a hard time knowing what people are saying. I feel like I haven't progressed in that area much at all since I've been here.  But I hear it's like that for a lot of missionaries.  Just can't wait till it really starts coming, most people say it's around the 3rd or 4th transfer where it all starts making sense and you can really start speaking well.  Ughhh I just can't wait! It's a constant thing that I just have to keep reminding myself every day that it will come and to be patient.  So I’m just trying to not let it bother me and just say what I can say, and then after the lesson Sister Sabiano fills me in on what I didn't understand.

I need to wrap this up now so I'll try to send a few more pics next week.  Happy Easter my family I miss you and Love you bunches and bunches. Be safe and listen to the Spirit :) I feel like Sister Melchin when I say that because she would always yell it to Sarah Michelle and me as we were running out the door to go meet with friends ha-ha.  Mahal ko Kayo! Ingat! 


Love, Sister Jones
Sister Sabiano fell asleep after we came home after one long day ha-ha. We had just walked through the door and I was only gone for 5 minutes washing up. and I came up and she was totally passed out haha. 


p.s. tell Sarah I’m learning how to cut pineapples this week ha-ha! 


Oh yeah -

I need more money put into my account.  I need to buy a proselyting bag.  My shoulder bag is killing my shoulder as we walk.  It's nice for church and meetings but not for out walking for 8 hours ha-ha. I’m buying a bag next week at transfer meeting, it clips around your waist, all the missionaries have them here and it will be tons better on my shoulder.  Its 500 pesos which is about 25 dollars in U.S. money.  I only get 3000 pesos every two weeks  :^O  It’s not enough!  1500 of it goes to traveling around.  I will probably buy some food from my card too cause we were STARVING this week. We ran out of money ha-ha. Thank you!! 

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