Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sleep teaching.

Magandang Hapon po Pamilya ko!

Sounds like you all are doing great:) so happy to hear it.  Andelyn good job on improving your grades and working so hard on all your dances and etc.. Good luck with all your recitals  this week and the next.  I'll be keeping you in my heart and in my prayers.  You will do great as you both usually do.  And how fun that Hunter will be living there for a few months:) what school is he doing his phlebotomy stuff at? Pima? Tell him good luck for me! So yes Mothers day is coming up and I am so excited to get to Skype with you! I will tell you more details about how and when in coming emails when I hear more from President Delamare. 

This week has been pretty good and we have worked really hard.  We found 14 new investigators this week in a new part of our area called taguisan.  We had the elders quorum president go down this mountain with us and he introduced us to all these families that live down in this mountain part.  The lord has really been blessing us with finding new people and these people are so prepared to hear our message.  It is quiet beautiful there too.  We have to hike to all the houses so it is really exhausting but the scenery is gorgeous.  and its the perfect setting to teach the gospel I tell ya.  We just sit in these little open bamboo huts in the middle of the rainforest with a breeze coming through and it's so quiet.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Everyday we have to hike to get everywhere and climb crazy stairs so we have both been losing weight ha-ha everyone keeps asking me if I have and I say I don't know cause I don't feel like it and we don't have a scale but they keep asking me so I must be ha-ha which I wasn't expecting cause this mission is actually a gaining weight mission ha go figure.
 I'm really excited about his new area though the people are so great and they are all families that we are teaching so it's so perfect.  We have been teaching a lot of lessons about the plan of salvation lately and it feels so good to testify to these families that they can be together for eternity.  I always bare my testimony and tell them the joy that I receive from knowing that I am sealed to my family in the temple for all eternity and that I have the opportunity to be with my future family forever as well.  Our Heavenly Father must truly love us so much to give us that opportunity to have temples here so that we can perform these sealing ordinances on earth.
 I am truly blessed to be a member of the true church of Jesus Christ that has a prophet, apostles, and priesthood authority that leads and guides it.  We had our zone interview this past week and I got to have a one on one interview with President Delamare.  I am so sad that he is leaving soon, he is a great President.  My interview with him was so good he is so kind and genuinely has a lot of love for his missionaries in Quezon city.  He offered me a priesthood blessing at the end which I gladly accepted.  He blessed me that I would be comforted and that my family would be protected while I was away and that they would have angels with them watching over them.  I feel like he read my mind because every night I pray for your safety and that Heavenly Father will keep you safe while I am away from you. I was really grateful that I accepted his invitation to receive that blessing cause I really needed it.  With all the people we are teaching and a really big ward social event coming up on may 3rd we have so much work to do and it is overwhelming. Sister Sabiano said that she told President during her interview that this is the busiest she has ever been in her 9 months in the mission so far.  I feel blessed that this is my first area cause I am starting out with a bang ha-ha.
Funny story, I have been having a hard time sleeping since I've been in the mission field because I wake my self up 4 or 5 times a night sleep talking ha-ha I will wake up sitting up in my bed teaching a lesson, or being in a district meeting ha-ha Sister Sabiano tells me what I say cause I wake her up with my talking too hah I did it before the mission but now that I'm in the mission it is a lot worse.  It isn't every night so I do get enough sleep that I need but I think it's worse cause I go to bed so exhausted every night.  Hopefully it doesn't keep going on cause it's embarrassing! hah oh well.
 Well I'm sorry mom no pictures this week I haven't taken any this week cause we have been so busy.  I love you all though, Good luck in all that you are doing this week please be safe and listen to the promptings from the spirit.  I think about you often and love you more than anything everyday I thank heavenly father for sending me into this family.  Sobre Mahal ko kayo:) Can't wait to Skype with you in three-ish weeks ha-ha and see all of your faces.  Ingat po! 

Love Always, Sister Jones

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