Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Typhoon passed by us and we got TONS of's been nonstop pouring for the past 3 days

These are pictures from our mission tour and training with Pres Ardern and his wife. I am in the picture below just to the right of center next to Sis Wilson and my roommates and Sister Ika My Comp for the last 3 months. There is a lot of us huh?

Well Congratulation's to Jade for getting baptized :) So happy for you guys to be a part of that special day for her and how great that both wards came to give their support. The pictures were great, and I'm just so happy that she made the decision to follow the Savior, She looks happy! 
  Sister Wilson and I at missionary training day. It's always so fun to see her and talk with her.

 Well Sister Ika and I got some big news this week for the both of us...turns out that I will be staying here for another transfer...and I've been called to be a trainer again! and....Sister Ika is being transferred to the Island of Mindoro! haha..yah both things that we weren't expecting BUT we are so excited and I'm excited for her to go work in Mindoro. I hear it's tough out there, it's straight up province. No stores, you pump your own water, they have black outs all the time and the ward there is not very organized. There are only 4 sisters from our mission there at a time, and they usually stay 3 to 6 months....and TONS....of less actives...and YES MOM....I am a LOT jealous of her new area. I have always wanted to serve's all beach. haha.
I am also excited to be training again, a little nervous...change is always hard to adjust to but I know this is happening for a reason. Sister Ika and I are sad to be separated, we've shed a few tears the past few days because we knew were being split. We bore our testimonies to each other last night and talked about our area and all the miracles and experiences we've had teaching the people here. She expressed to me her gratitude for all the things I had taught her and told me that she would never forget'm sure you can imagine the tears I had coming by that point ha! I'm so grateful for her; I too in turn have learned many things from her as well. This will be my area for 6 months of my mission, that's 1/3! There must be a reason for me staying here for so long, something I've needed to do, and people I've needed to meet and help.
This area is so special to me, as we've been waiting this past week to find out about transfers I've thought about all the people we've taught here...all their faces have gone through my mind, the people we've had to drop, the less-active families that we have grown to love so much, Brother Al...Jenny...My time here has been sacred to me. I'm grateful that I get to stay for another 6 weeks. How blessed my new anak ( new missionary straight from the Provo MTC) is to come into the mission in this area. This is a great area to be "born" in. Now that I've trained once before I have been able to look back at the things I could have done better and improve myself this time, and work on my weaknesses.
 This past week we had mission tour and were able to hear President Revillo and his wife speak and also Elder and Sister Ardern of the area presidency. It was really great; I cane away feeling inspired and motivated to be better.
 I feel like I've been blessed by the Lord, Through him showing me this week the things that I need to improve on. I always imagine myself on the airplane taking off to go home and watching the Philippines fading away and thinking to myself....did I do enough? That thought drives me everyday; I want to be what the Lord expects of me. I am his representative, and this time is so sacred. I'm so grateful for the atonement and how it allows us to change and be better every day.
To be honest not a whole lot to update this week on our area, I haven't been able to work much this week. Tuesday morning I woke up with a 102 fever and it lasted for 3 days. Sister Hepworth and Strebel did splits with us so that at least Ika could go with one of them to our area and to appointments. One of them would stay with me at home they are angels!....and they are both staying this transfer too..yay. I have had a bad cough ever since and my voice is almost gone.
The Typhoon passed by us and we got TONS of's been nonstop pouring for the past 3 it's finally let up a bit. It's been nice and cool though, it's felt so good! I haven't' even slept with my fan on the last 3 nights. We have continued to teach two families that we found last week and they've continued to accept return appts so I'm excited to continue to teach them. We also visited a lot of less-actives this past weekend too. It's been great. I really love teaching them.
I really look forward to this coming week and I’m excited to meet my new companion tomorrow.  Next week I’ll include pictures of our first week together! I love you all so so much, be safe this week!  Good luck with all the activities you have planned, I think about you all every day and miss you so much.  Ingat palagi sa inyo lahat! 

Me getting a little "trunky" for my favorite music. Haha

nagmamahal, Sister Jones


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