Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

I was talking to them in Tagalog and I convinced them that I was born in the Philippines in Cebu,

Hello Family! 
Man sounds like you guys have been doing lots of fun stuff, I'm glad the NAU trip went good and the girls did good dancing:) wow and so many fun activities coming up for the young women too, how fun! Hopefully I'll be blessed to be able to work with Young Women when I'm older. 

Well this is going to be pretty short I feel like I just emailed you yesterday. We had MLC (Missionary Leadership Counsel) this week.  It was great, I love being able to see the “behind the scenes” of the mission.  Every time I attend I just see the love that President Revillo has for his missionaries and for this mission.  It's great to be able to be a part of the counsel and be able to give suggestions and opinions.  

Sister Maagad and I have been working hard still finding houses. This past Saturday we found a bunch of families across the river that we really wanted to meet.  They are all such great families and I instantly just feel like I’ve known them forever haha.  I love the Filipino culture; they just love visits and are so nice and homey. The only bad part is that everyone feels like they need to feed us and my companion is allergic to anything chicken (eggs etc..) so if they cook something she can't eat they look at me like 'okay, now you need to eat for the two of you' haha! nooo!!! 
There are still so many people for us to find this week, so we will continue to work hard! :) Missionary work is great! I just feel blessed every day that I am a part of this great work.  We worked with one companionship this week and it went good, we visited one family in their area.  The mother was a past investigator and we were re contacting her.  She invited us in and her 3 children were immediately hanging on my legs and hugging me haha they were the cutest things ever! I was talking to them in Tagalog and I convinced them that I was born in the Philippines in Cebu, and didn't know how to speak English.  haha they were so funny they really thought I was serious. 
The children that thought I was from Cebu Philippines. haha...
I guess that's a compliment, it must mean my Tagalog is pretty good;)  But the mom was really nice and we had a good conversation with her about how she felt about what the missionaries had taught her in the past and she loved how it was all about Christ and strengthening families.  I knew I probably wouldn't see her again so I just bore my testimony before we left about what the missionaries had taught her before was true and to please continue to listen to the missionaries because they would lead her to great happiness that she hadn't experienced yet.  She smiled back at me and said she would.  The one thing that is hard about being an STL is that I teach so many people in other sisters areas only once and we have such great lessons and the spirit is so strong but then I never get to see those people again and don't really know what happens to some of them.  But, it's such a blessing to teach so many people even outside of my assigned area.  I just love everything about my mission:) 
 Our apartment, our bedroom is the door on the right.
Our bedroom.

I’m glad to hear you are all doing great! I love you so so much! Stay safe always please:) 

p.s. my companion laughs exactly like Sarah Beatrice Porter it's kinda freaky! But I love it haha. 

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