Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Live so that those who know you, but don't know him(Christ), Will want to know him...because they know you...."

Hey Fam! 
Well sounds like things at home are going good, the girls are busy with dance as usual, and the tap dance looks so great! It should do well in competition I’m thinking :) Mom thanks for all the great pictures, short videos and the updates. Jade, thanks for the little message I loved it! Keep up the missionary work your doing so good, remember by small and simple things are great things brought to pass (Alma 37:6-7);) 
Well this week was full of great miracles and special memories. Nanay Romana and Shyla were baptized on Friday:) it was such a great day and the largest baptism I’ve ever been to in the Philippines.  All of Nanay's children were there along with her great and great great grandchildren.  The baptism service was wonderful with great talks and a musical number from the Missionaries (us) and her children and grandchildren.  After Nanay was baptized we ran back and saw her in the bathroom she had a big smile on her face and kept saying "masirap ang pakiramdam ko" (I feel so good inside) awe... she was so cute!
Sister Campbell (my last companion and Nanay’s missionary too) got permission from President to come back and see the baptisms, it was so good to see her again I felt like it had been forever ha! Nanay’s family and children kept coming up to us and hugging us and kissing our cheeks saying over and over how grateful they were to us for teaching Nanay and that we taught in a way that helped her feel the spirit and accept the gospel. 
Sister Nanay, Sister Campbell and Me at the baptism 
Shyla and Nanay in the baptism clothes.
 All the new converts being baptized that day, there were 3 of them
 I just adore Shyla, she will be a wonderful missionary some day
I guess the missionaries have been coming to her house for over 40 years now and she never accepted it till now.  I know it doesn't have to do with us though, over the years while living with her different children and watching their good examples softened her heart to the gospel and it took until now for her eyes to be opened and to see what great truth she had in front of her, sister Campbell and I were lucky enough to be here and help her along.  I feel blessed to be a part of this miracle that has happened.  You should have seen the faces of her children, they were so happy that they are one step closer to an eternal family, and they have been waiting for years. The whole service I watched their faces as they dabbed at tears and had smiles on their faces. The gospel of Jesus Christ truly blesses families:)  Nanay even bore her testimony of the gospel and about our Prophet Thomas S. Monson and about the Restoration through Joseph Smith.  We were so proud! It was such a good day, one that I won't ever forget:) 
This transfer has started out so great; I love my new companion Sister Maagad.  I can really feel a strong spirit in our companionship and we have been obedient with our time and our studies.  She is a great teacher and I'll learn many things from her this transfer and we will do great work in this area and... I can already feel my Tagalog improving too, when we walk we talk in Tagalog which is something I didn't do much before because I’ve had American companions for the last 9 months. It feels so good! 
I've been a little stressed lately leading the area, since I was sick my last transfer and we didn't have much time to work in our own area I’m not familiar with the area sooo I've been leading us around and we are trying to find the less-actives houses and investigators houses that I’ve never been too.  It’s very hard to find houses here. The addresses are just enough to get us to the general area and then we have to ask around about 10 times and the neighbors eventually lead us to people we are looking for. But it's fun because it gives us reasons to talk to more people and start conversations about the gospel.
I love love love this ward and this area, it's definitely the biggest area I've been in, and so many people which I love! The auxiliary leaders are great and help us; they really care about the missionary work and the less actives here. I hope to stay here for a while :) 
We worked with Sister Sabiano and Sister Welling a few days ago; it was strange to be the STL (sister trainer leader) for my own STL haha.  But it was so good to talk to S. Sabiano, I will miss her so much when she leaves, she only has 5 weeks more:( I’m gonna cry! I’m just glad I get to see her often before she leaves.  I really enjoyed working with Sister Welling, she's a beautiful missionary and has such a sweet and inspired spirit :) I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such great missionary sisters, every time we do splits with other sisters no matter how long they've been in the mission  I learn from them.
I love you all so much and I’ve been keeping you each in my prayers, I pray for each of your needs and think of you often every day, I’m always so happy to hear of your efforts to share the gospel, I heard a quote the other day that I really liked it says
"Live so that those who know you, but don't know him(Christ), Will want to know him...because they know you...."
Always be an example and others will see and will want to know what makes you a little different:) Keep being wonderful, Mahal kita! 
This is Quin (we call her chacha) hehe she is definately the chubbiest 3 year old Ive ever seen and she has quite the attitude let me tell you oh, and she speaks like an adult! I'm guessing she's probably around 70 pounds.  She's so big and when we visit her family (mom:member Dad:investigator) all she does is open the fridge and grab the liter bottle of sprite and chuggs it haha oh gosh... but she's so cute!!!
Love, Sister Ammah Jones 
p.s. I’m still doing great, I think I’m back to full strength now...I just need to not get bit again and I’ll be okay! Thanks for your prayers!       

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