Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

June 2nd... I was just meant to be here

Well this is feeling pretty weird now... this is my second to last letter to my family & friends...

Throughout my whole mission I've really tried to make my letters come from the heart and from the spirit.  I've tried to explain about the things that I'm experiencing as a missionary so that you can feel like your there with me.. and I've always tried to share spiritual experiences, thoughts, and testimony with you.  I hope and pray that my letters have been able to strengthen your testimonies about the Savior and about missionary work:) in return.....The letters from all my loved ones back home have just inspired me to continue on and work hard till the end.  I may not always respond to friends and other fellow full-time missionaries every week, but I'm so grateful to for all the words of comfort and advice given, Heavenly Father has blessed me so so much by putting friends and teachers in my life who have helped me come closer to the Savior and be a better person.  Especially my family:)

Well...this week...haha..don't really know where to start. It's been kind of crazy and a bit stressful.  We got a call a week ago from the Assistants, we learned that Sister Morrell would be emergency transfered to serve in another area and Me, Sister Sikotilani and Sister Dimacuta would be combining our areas and be a threesome companionship.  We were pretty surprised and Me and S.Morrell were so sad to leave each other, we had really enjoyed each other as companions. But well that's life so now it's just us 3 in one big area for the next 2 weeks till two more missionaries will come to the area.  We are crazy busy now trying to keep up both areas, the members and ward missionaries have really been helping us and going on splits with us so that we can go to all our appointments throughout the day.  The areas are just so far and we can't hop back and forth, we would just waste a lot of time doing that.  I was pretty stressed at first but I can just see the blessings that are coming and Heavenly Father is providing ways for us to visit all our investigators still.  I'm actually now happy about all of it, We are so busy and it's helping me not to think about home, I just think about our sweet investigators everyday and who we need to visit, what our we teaching etc...It's a blessing really.
The Orquin Family is doing so good (the Children of the Sister who was less-active) We teach them almost everyday, preparing them for baptism and teaching them the lessons.  They are just blowing me away they are  smart and are so eager to learn and learn.  They have a cousin her name is Hassel who will also be baptized with them.  She is probably one of the most interested investigators I've ever had, She reads a few chapters of the Book of Mormon every night, she takes notes during the lessons, she even told us the other day that she wants to serve a mission when she grows up....ahhhhhhh I just love her! So it's the four of them who will be baptized and every time we come to teach them they are always inviting their little friends to come over and listen.  So we teach them in a room full of 10 little boys haha they make me laugh. You would think it would be hard to have the spirit and teach the doctrine to them but they are so reverent and answer all the questions like they were already members of the church.  The spirit is always very strong and I'm  blessed that I'm here and able to teach them.  During our lesson last night I was just looking at each of their sweet faces and thinking about how I will have to leave them in 2 weeks.  I just started getting teary eyed, It's gonna be hard to say goodbye.... This weekend we have a trip to the temple planned.  We are taking them and some of the little friends and also our recent convert Iris (the 8yr old) with her grandma to go see the temple.  They are so excited haha and so am I:) It's gonna be great!
Something really great also happened this week, We went to the mission office for one of the investigators from the other sisters area to get interviewed and I was standing there at the counter talking with one of the Office Elders...and than I just hear this voice yell "Sister Jones!" I looked over to the door where they came in and was just so shocked, it was one of my former investigators from the area I was in with Sister Dickison.  His name is Jason, he's about 20 years old and we had found him one day and started teaching him.  We only taught him about 4 lessons before I left and I never heard about what had happened to him.  Turns out that he had unexpectedly moved but was found again by missionaries in another area.  He was there to get interviewed by President too for his BAPTISM.  I was so surprised, I never thought that I would see him again.  He invited me to come to his baptism this Saturday so I'm asking for permission from President to be able to attend his baptism.  I just know that he was meant to have the gospel, he moved but then was found again by the missionaries and they continued his lessons, Heavenly Father knew he was ready for the gospel and prepared a way.  It's gonna be so great to see him be baptized:) He was so excited to see me, I didn't even think that he would remember me again.  again...another blessing from Heavenly Father.  I just love my mission! Everyday I just see miracles happen, the gospel is a wonderful thing:)
I'm just so happy, so many wonderful things are happening.  Such a great way to end my mission.  I was a little bummed at first about having a last area for just 6 weeks, but I've realized that it was  inspired.  I was just meant to be here, people I needed to find who needed the gospel in their lives, people who needed to be invited to come closer to the Savior. 
I'm so blessed....
Well, I just want you to know that I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful week, your in my prayers always:) Ingat po.
love, Sister Ammah Jones

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