Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, July 7, 2014

Well this is it, my last email,

Well....Hi Everyone haha...This is my last email home....I only have 9 days left....Holy Cow...It just went by so fast...I knew it would go fast but I didn't realize HOW fast haha...
We had dinner at a members house the other day and ate a dish called Adidas.....guess why...because yes it was FEET...chicken FEET.... not a big fan it just tastes like your eating fat, cause thats basically what it is ha.

Me at the Temple.

My two companions and my eating at Ban awesome American café.

 4 out of my 14 companions I've had in the mission.  Sister Sabiano and Sister Medina (my 1st senior companion) and my last two companions haha.  Sister Medina was telling me how she's getting married next April. sooo wierd!!

Our investigators at the Temple and Sister Sikotilani

Our investigators at our Temple tour day.

Jason...the guy we meet and taught a long time ago and then I moved to a new area and lost track of him. I saw him at the Mission home while I was waiting for my interview with the Pres and there he was..

This is Sister Bing, she's now active in the church.  and her 3 children, Hassel, and Iris and her sister Sunshine  at the temple! 

Sister Dimacuta and I

I found a new chain for my medallion..Yay. it's pretty again.

I'm not sure how to feel really, I'm kind of nervous..excited..anxious...but than there is the part of my heart that just wants to stay here forever.  I've completely fallen in love with the people here...this country...this language..It will forever be a part of me.  I've grown more here as a person and spiritually than any other time in my life. I've grown closer to my Savior, closer to my Heavenly Father... I've discovered more of who I am and what my potential is as a daughter of God.  My testimony of this restored gospel has just been solidified and carved in stone so to speak.  I've seen first hand the healing power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how it can cleanse us and renew us in order for us to be worthy to return back to our loving Heavenly Father.  I'm so grateful I had this opportunity to serve a Full-time mission in the Philippines Quezon City Mission as a representative of Jesus Christ to teach his gospel and invite others to follow his example by being baptized into his true church.  I've seen so many miracles, i've seen people who were burdened down with guilt and sorrow but they turned to the gospel and it helped them find peace and happiness again. 

It's been a blessing for me to teach a lot of people here....and I won't ever ever forget all of their sweet faces.... for the rest of my life I will forever live my life so that I can be worthy of their trust, and continue to live all the things I've taught them over this past year and a half. I'm excited to keep in touch with them and continue to encourage them to live the gospel.  thank goodness for Facebook!:) 

Now that I'm (almost) a return missionary, I know that Heavenly Father expects a little more from me because I know how important this work is, I know he will expect me to apply the things I've learned in the mission to share the gospel even more to his precious children that I come across in my life.  I'm excited to be a better Member missionary than I was before the mission.  I know this work is the Lords work, it's the most important work we can do here on earth, to share the beautiful news of the Saviors atonement to help them find the right path.  I'm so grateful that this work will never end, I'm at the end of my full-time service but it's not going to end their is much more for me to do.  There is a video from the apostle Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that I love called "feed my sheep" at the end he expresses his gratitude this work will never end he says " I pray that it won't ever ever ever be over for me" I echo that statement.  I pray that it won't ever be over, and that Heavenly Father will continue to have trust in me that I'll open my mouth and share my testimony with those he puts in my path. 

 I just want to express my thanks to my Family and my close friends who have written me throughout my mission.  Your love and support have been so wonderful I feel beyond blessed for everyone the lord has put in my life to support me and encourage me as a missionary.  

In my last week many things are going on...very busy ha. The Orquin children and Hassel are getting baptized this Saturday.  After their baptism we have a missionary devotional.  Everyone in the ward has also been super nice and they know it's my last week so we have dinner appointments set up almost everyday this week haha. I feel so loved! On Saturday we had a goodbye dinner at the elders quorum president's home which is where Sister Sabiano is living.  They sang me a song while playing the guitar and sister Sabiano said some words and my past companion Sister Medina too haha she shared a scripture about how my husband will be more guapo (handsome) because I served a mission haha! I was laughing.  After I'm done emailing right now we will go visit my past areas, I'll go see Jenie, Nanay Romana and Nanay Evelyn and Maricel. So excited!! 

Well this is it, my last email, they will probably let me call you at the mission home the day before I get on the plane... if not...I'll see you on Wednesday at the airport! haha 

Family...I love you guys so so much! see u soon! 

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