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January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Transfers and a practical joke

Nov 4 at 11:58 PM
Kamusta po ba kayo?!:) 
Pictures from the house I have lived in for the past almost 5 months.

                                            The "Corn Lady's children. I adore them.
A little Halloween FUN.
          Jenmy's Nephew...He is sitting in this baby swing thing. They are in a lot of houses here.
Thanks Dad for the videos of Andelyn's competition it was awesome! I was so impressed you all look really talented and the routine was really put together well.  Wish I could have seen it in person.  I'm so proud:)  I forgot until earlier this morning that mom and Amelia had gone to Disneyland, so jealous especially of the Bread bowls yummmm my fave haha.  Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves though and got home safely.  
So big news this week,... I'm being transferred!  My time here in Quirino 2nd ward has come to an end:( I cried when I found out... 6 months is a long time and I love the people here so much.  So many great things are happening and it's really progressed since I've been here.  I am leaving happy and proud of myself for the work I've done here and for the missionary I've become in the process.  But I am also excited for what this new area has in store for me.  I am now in the Pasig zone in the Pateros area.  It's still in the City but I've heard good things from other missionaries.  Sister Wilson actually served in the same ward, different area, but same ward and she said she loved it there.  My new companions name is Sister Dickson.  She's from Utah and she just finished her 12 weeks training so this will be her 3rd transfer in the field.  I've met her a few times before at temple tours and she seems super nice, I think we will get a long great.  I'm sad to leave my anak though:(  She will get a follow-up trainer to finish her last 6 weeks training.  We both cried this morning when we got the news that we would be split up.  We've become such good friends here and it's been such a joy to be her trainer.  She's really nervous about having to lead the area, she still doesn't know where some houses are up in the mountain, but I know she can do it:) The members will help her out...I'm not to worried.  We found a lot of great new investigators who are really progressing and I'm sad to leave them and not see what happens to them but I know their is work to be done and people to find in Pateros as well.  
This week was just so so great it is the best way to leave this area.  Our two investigators who are getting baptized came to church for the first time. Ruben and Tumtum, the children of the corn lady.  They loved it! and I was so proud of the youth and the leaders because as soon as they walked in they were just greeted and introduced to everyone and the young men just whisked them away from us and took them to class haha afterwards we came to find them and found them practicing a song with the choir, they will be singing with them next week for Sacrament meeting haha! They just had these huge smiles on their faces and they just looked so happy.  We visited them yesterday and asked how it went and they said they loved it and made lots of new friends and they asked us if their friend could come next time with them.  They introduced us to their friend and we started teaching him too.  I'm so excited for them I hope and pray that they continue to come so that they can be baptized. 
We also met the son of one of our investigators, his name is Jake he's 22.  His dad told us a little bit about him before we met him, and he told us that he had been looking up info about Mormons online (oh gosh) and had tons of questions.  We were a little nervous going in haha but...we met him and he is one of the nicest people I've met and really interested in the gospel.  In the middle of our lesson he stopped us and said, "I just love how you talk about Jesus Christ, Your faces just light up" aww:) we continued to teach him about the Restoration and after we told him about the first vision he sayd "oh! I just got goose bumps!" haha! aw man I'm sad to not see what happens to him.  He will be baptized I just know it! 
Brother Madz worked with us this past week.  He bore his testimony during the lesson and talked about how he was baptized a few months ago.  I was so proud:) I just kept remembering the day we knocked on his door the first time while tracking and now look at him, teaching with the missionaries.  His life has just changed so much, and he just has a light about him.  Made my heart feel so good! 
Alright Funny story time:) hehe..So Friday's we have weekly planning, it's not always the funnest day and it takes a long time sometimes.  I love having the time set aside to plan for our whole week, receive revelation, and talk about each and every investigator and less active and talk about what they need and what we will teach them that week.  So Sister Andersen had the idea to play a prank on the other sisters cause we were all so serious and planning and she sat at the top of the stairs and filmed the whole thing, but I had a cheap candy bar and we set it out in the sun in our window till it melted and I took it with me into the bathroom.  So the thing about the Philippines is that most people don't use toilet paper here, we do haha, but most don't.  And people tell us not to shake peoples left hands cause that's the one they use to wipe....yah haha.  So I'm in the bathroom and smear the melted chocolate on my left hand than I holler for Sister Strebel to bring me my toilet paper that i had "forgotten" on the top of the fridge haha. Sweet girl, She comes bringing me my toilet paper and knocks on the door, I open it up a little bit and stick my chocolate smeared hand out to get the toilet paper and she screams as I grab the toilet paper 'touching her hand along the way, so now the chocolates on her' and pull it inside the bathroom.  She starts screaming "It's on my finger! it's on my finger!" hahah! oh man...haha it was so good:) She also enjoyed it and was a good sport about it after lol.
wow...this is so long..sorry!! i'm done now haha it just was a great week and I'm gonna miss it.  Especially living with Sister Hepworth and Sister Strebel.   Sister Strebel and I have been in the same house for 4 1/2 months now.  We've become such good friends along the way, I'll miss her.  She makes me laugh so hard.  But I'm excited for Pateros, and all the new people I'll meet and the new experiences I'll have.  
I love you guys so much, Andelyn and Amelia- don't tire yourselves out too much.  Mom and Dad I love you guys thanks for emailing me every week with love and support, it keeps me from being homesick and encourages me to keep working hard.  Hugs and Kisses all around! Mahal na mahal ko kayo lahat:) Till next week,
Love, Sister Jones.

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