Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

We had a few adventures I guess you could say.

Today at 1:15 AM
Hello my sweet family:)
 I forgot to tell you that I had temple day this week so our pday was on Wednesday this week. Sorry! But I'm kind of glad cause I get to wish you all a HAPPY THANKSGIVING closer to the actual day hah.  so Happy Thanksgiving sa inyo lahat! They do not have thanksgiving here unfortunately so we will just be working as usual ha but that's okay.  I don't mind I love being here:) Thanks Dad for all the videos...the many many videos haha your so sweet, but sadly It won't let me watch any of them, don't know why..sorry! And also I must admit....I am sooooo jealous that you guys went and saw Catching Fire! How was it?? can't wait to see it! I've been seeing billboards all over the place for it.  We drove past one on our way to the temple this morning and me and Sister Dickison just looked at each other and than pretended to start crying! oh the missionary life.  Sometimes we will be on Jeepneys and a great song will come on and we have to restrain ourselves from lip-syncing or nodding our heads to the beat haha! Not gonna lie sometimes it happens though! It's just the dancers within us!  
This last week was a long week....We had a few adventures I guess you could say.  Thursday we went out and just were having bad luck no one was home and we ended up walking back home to grab a map to find an address we were trying to find with no success and I think it was inspired that we did go back cause than Sister Dickison got super sick.  So we decided to stay so she could rest and she starts throwing up over and over again it just wouldn't stop so we kinda start freaking out.  We ended up going to the hospital around 7pm, they admit her and get her all hooked up to IV's and stuff.  Turns out that she had a bad infection and we ended up staying in the hospital for 2 days. stuff! We were actually dying of boredom, no tv, no music, no change of I think at one point I pretended to bang my head against the wall haha and I'm pretty sure I sang almost the entire hymnbook while we were there too.  The hospital was actually SUPER nice...unlike the one Sister Andersen was in last week  (oi! that just sounded bad) yah this hospital was nicer than any I'd seen in was so nice! Now that i think of it I've been to the hospital now 5 times in my whole mission, but it wasn't for me ha.  I kind of felt right at home there though, it reminded me of my past life before the mission in the hospital drawing blood.  They came and drew blood from her and I just watched the whole time haha and after the girl left I said awww I miss that!! I also got to watch her get an ultrasound on her kidneys...which was SO COOL!  I loved it and I can't wait to do that someday.  Anywhaysssss so that was our adventure to St. Luke's this week... the end hehe.....On a good note though she is doing much better now and we are back working again yay:) 

Just in the past 2 days we have found 7 new investigators and have been talking to EVERYONE! We met even more people and rescheduled appointments with them and we are thinking by the end of this week will have found 20 potential investigators. Yah....we are so excited!  and they are all Families....aww:) Families are the BEST.  Heavenly Father has been answering our prayers..truly! We have been praying since the beginning of the transfer to find those prepared and to help us recognize them and to give us the courage to speak to them.  I have been so proud of the both of us for being so courageous.  Maybe not all of those we found will accept the gospel but at least I know that we are doing our part and opening our mouths and Heavenly Father will fulfill his promise to us and fill our mouths with the words they need to hear.  One of the most spiritual experiences of my mission happened on Monday night during our lesson with Sister Puri (the 65 year old i mentioned a few weeks ago).  We are trying so hard to help her understand how the holy ghost works because we've been asking her to pray about the things we have taught her about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon...We've been getting discouraged..but this last lesson we went in planning on talking about prayer some more and than she asks us "what's different about your church than the church I go to now?" -PERFECT QUESTION,  the spirit was so strongly present as we testified of President Thomas S. Monson as our living prophet on the earth today who gives us guidance and revelation to return to our Loving Heavenly Father, about the Priesthood authority of God restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and about the Book of Mormon.  I teared-up many times as I shared my testimony with her...I have no doubt that she also felt the spirit as much as I could she not? We extended a baptismal date to her and she explained to us her concerns...she didn't accept...but we asked her to include the Lord and pray about it.  We will continue to teach the lessons..maybe she just needs time but I'm excited to continue to teach her... we left that appointment and started walking home...we both didn't say anything for a minute or so and just walked in silence.  When we finally looked at each other we had big smiles on our faces and talked the whole way home about how strong the spirit was and how we didn't even feel like it was us who was speaking we just knew the perfect things to say to her and we knew..that it was the Holy Ghost guiding us.  One thing it says in Preach my that you can know you are being a successful missionary when you feel the Spirit working through you...that lesson was a testimony to me that This church and this gospel is so true, and I knew that I am doing my part as a missionary and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ.   In the spirit of thanksgiving I'd like to end by saying what I'm grateful for at this tagalog:) hehe   Nagpapasalamat po ako sa inyo, ang pamilya ko.. at yung support na ibinibigay po ninyo sa akin...mahal na mahal ko kayo lahat nagpapasalamat din ako para sa ang mission ang lahat ng mga karanasang na tumanggap ko dito sa pilipinas..Nagpapasalamat din ako para kay Jesucristo at sa kanyang pagpabayad-sala case alam ko na sa pamamagitan sa kanyo..tatanggapin ko ng buhay na walang hanggang kasama ang aking pamilya.  Nagpapasalamat din po ako sa ang aking Ama sa Langgit, at ang mga biyaya na ibinibigay niya sa akin.  
Translation by google: I thank you, my family .. and those who support you please give me ... I loved you all really ... and I am also grateful for the mission i .. and all the experience that I received here
in the philippines .. I am also grateful for Jesus Christ  and his atonement pagpabayad case I know by the kanyo .. I receive eternal life with my family. I am grateful also what my Father Langgit, and the grace that he gives.
I love you guys:) Have a great week and a great Thanksgiving day with the beard family, the Jones party looked fun to, I really miss everyone.. 4 more weeks and we get to skype! hehe excited na ako sobra...  

Muah Muah Muah! be safe lagi please! Till Monday:) Ingat! 

nagpagmahal, si Sister Ammah Jones 

p.s. Amelia- I couldn't watch the videos dad sent but I don't have to see to know that you did great in your dance concert:) so proud of you and happy that you enjoy dancing so much like I did.  

p.s. Andelyn- Write me another letter someday ya?? I think about you often and keep you in my prayers every night hope na know:) love you. 

p.s. Mom- Haven't recieved my packages yet, probably on Tuesday.  Love you:) 
P.s. Dad- thank you for all the pictures and videos...makes me not miss u guys too much hehe love u!    

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