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January 2013 to July 2014

Friday, April 25, 2014

He said that "Gratitude is the Catalyst for all Christ-like Attributes" so true

Apr 14
Hey Fam!

Well I'm a little later Emailing today cause we had our zone acitivity earlier today, We went to the Beach and played games for a few hours and ate lunch.  It was a lot of fun:) I love just walking along the beach and feeling the water on my feet, it's so peaceful and I can just feel of heavenly Fathers love for us.  I'm grateful I got to serve for part of my mission here in Mindoro and see more of the beauty of the Philippines.  Plus the people here are super nice and so charitable, we get about 3 eating appointments every week and we just love spending time with the Members and getting to know them better and encourage them to share the gospel with their friends.  We always have members who come and work with us almost everyday as well, some of them are young single adults who are preparing to serve full-time missions themselves and sometimes it's the older women in the ward.  One of them is Nanay Esquerra, she's 60 yrs old about 4'8 tall and as thin as a twig.  last Sunday she worked with us from 2pm until 8pm the whole time with a smile on her face and helped us teach.  I'll have to get a picture with her this week, she's just so cute hehe and hardworking.  

I was able to watch General Conference finally just this past weekend,  the messages were amazing, uplifting and inspiring.  Every single talk I realized something in myself that I could do better.  It's such a blessing when the lord helps us realize our weaknesses so that we are aware and change things we do everyday so that we can be better and be more like the Savior.  I loved how the Gilbert Temple Dedication was mentioned multiple times by the prophet and one of the general authorities.  Their was another elder from Surprise Arizona watching it too and when the prophet mentioned us we pumped our fists in the air together haha  Arizona Pride Yah!  It seemed that a lot of the talks were focused on the youth this conference, I love that because the youth are the rising generation and the future leaders of the church.  One of the talks that I loved was President Uchdorf's talk about Gratitude. He said that "Gratitude is the Catalyst for all Christ-like Attributes" so true.  If we want to be like the Savior, we must be full of Gratitude not just for certain things but even our circumstances.  He said that sometimes we tend only to be grateful for times in our lives when things are going the way we wanted them too, but when the times of hardship and trials come we forget to tell him how grateful we are for the current circumstances and the opportunity to strengthen ourselves and progress in this mortal journey.  I can look back at times in my mission and even before in my life when I was having hard times...even when I made some mistakes, at the time I think I forgot to tell him thank you...but now... I look back, and I am so grateful that he let me struggle...because I wouldn't be where I am right now without those experiences.  How grateful I am, for our Savior Jesus Christ, I know he's the only person who understands the things I've gone through.  During his suffering in Gethsemane he not only took upon himself our sins, but he also experienced our sorrows and our pains, therefore he is the only one who can help us be healed and find peace and joy.  He will help us carry our burdens, as Elder Bednar spoke about in Conference, we share the yoke with him and together we can pull together and carry the load together.  I know that's true.  and during this Easter, I would like to also add my testimony and witness that Jesus Christ does Live, and he will come again. I look forward to that day, and I know if we live the gospel of Jesus Christ we will be prepared to go with him when he comes in his glory.  

Before I end ,I just want to mention about a few things I've heard about lately about my previous areas.  Sister Docouette sent me a letter (she got transferred back to Quirino 2nd ward *the area I was in for 6 months* ) and she told me that the group in the mountain that was created just before I will become a Branch here in the next few months or so.  I am so excited! they are going to have their own branch!  That's huge, I was just so filled with joy as I read her letter...just wow!!! and also from my last area in Cainta, Marisel got married and got baptized the week after I left.  So happy for her :) I miss that family so much, they were my closest family here in the Philippines.  and Nanay Evaline is like my mission mother, we cried in each others arms when I got transferred but I promised her I would come back and visit before I left. I miss them.  But I know I'm here for a reason, I got to have an interview with President this past week cause he came here to interview us all and give a workshop, it was great to talk to him and he told me more about the reasons why the lord has need of me here.  he just told me he was proud of me and a big reason I'm here is to be an example for the missionaries here... it was good to hear that he's proud of me...and i just hope that Heavenly Father is proud of me too.  I feel that he is....but I know theirs always things i can do better and he's helping me overcome my weaknesses.  

Well this is a mile long ha sorry! But know that i love you and miss u.  Have a great week and keep enjoying the Easter Pageant.  I've been looking at Easter pagent pictures sometimes and I just miss it so much.  HOpe I get an opportunity to do it again someday.  But just enjoy it for me and know I'm thinking of you.  Love you! 

-Sister Ammah Jones

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