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Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Sisters...we want to be baptized" ha we were like whaaaa??

Hey fam,

These are little berry type things that we find on the trees while proselyting, Sister Acostan taught me what the trees look like and how to eat them.  Ap-Ap knows that we love them and the Sanchez family has one right outside their house and everyday he goes out and picks them for us before the neighbor hood kids pick them all and he gives them to us each time we visit hehe.  so sweet! it's called aratilis.  you put it in your mouth in between your teach and bite down and all the inside comes out. it tastes so sweet. 
We find them all over the place and look for all the ripe ones.  imagine two sister missionaries on the side of the road jumping up and down trying to grab berries from the trees haha yep thats us.

These cute little guys were walking beside us the other day so i snapped a shot.  The wittle babies are so cute! 

These caribou are all over here. They are huge.

this is a picture of "Boy-Boy" yes that is his name haha hes the baby of one of the less-actives in the ward and they invited us to come to his first birthday party.  he's so so cute! 
I know it's against the rules to kiss boys as a missionary but this little guy i just couldn't resist hehe

cute lil guy.

Halo Halo...It's yummy!

Sister Ika's Birthday party

Man I am so jealous that you guys are doing pageant right now haha i miss it soo much:) I'm so glad that you guys are doing it again this year,  have the best time and enjoy every moment, I love it and I love you guys. Dad, you will get the spanish down don't worry,  Yo se ke vive! I know he lives! (i probably just butchured the spelling on that one ha).  I'll be thinking of you and praying for all to go right during the performances, You are taking part in a wonderful experience to help others feel the spirit and gain a testimony of Jesus Christ.  Break a leg out there;) hehe
Well it's been a great week, We had the baptism of Ap-ap and he was confirmed and given the gift of the Holy ghost yesterday.  He was just beaming, and after his baptism he got up and bore his testiomony.  He has a little tiny voice and sometimes it's hard to hear him, but we had practiced his testimony with him so he would not be so nervous, he did a great job and I teared up when he mentioned Sister Acostan and I and how he was grateful that we taught him the gospel.  His mother now is the only one that is not a member, but she was there on Saturday and Sunday to give her support, we are hoping that now that Ap-Ap has been baptized she will follow his example of following the Savior and will desire to be baptized as well. 
We have many investigators progressing towards baptism. It will probably take them a few more months to get there but We can see their desire and they have been making changes in their lives to be more aligned with the commandments.  One family being the Absallon Family, the mom and dad than the two brothers who are the boys i talked about in my last email we call them (the three blind mice haha)   This family has been taking the missionary discussions on and off for the past 5 years. They came to church for the second time yesterday and it was fast and testimony meeting and they felt the spirit so strong.  We came to teach them after church and the dad says "Sisters...we want to be baptized" ha we were like whaaaa?? let me tell you those are probably the favorite words of all missionaries and i haven't heard it often.  we are excited that they have the desire to be baptized, we have been seeing the change happen in them over the past month and maybe this is the time that they are truly prepared to hear the gospel.  
Another investigator of ours is Brother Willie and his wife May, we have taught them 3 lessons now and we can only teach them on Sundays, but i looove teaching them.  Especially Brother, he is really searching for the truth,he has been to many churches and listened so many preachers but he is so confused and wants to know what church is true.  He has such great questions and a true desire to find truth. We taught him about the apostacy and Restoration yesterday, we watched the REstoration video with him too.  After we testified that the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today and it's lead by living prophets and apostles.  We also invited him to come to General Conference next week at teh chapel and he is so excited.  
If you didn't realize yesterday, or today for you is April 6th.  On April 6th1830 the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was re-established here on the earth.  It has been 184 years since that day,  How grateful I am that i get to be a missionary and take this message of the Restoration to the world.  
I'm so excited to watch General Conference next week (it's a week late for us). I've been preparing questions throughout the week so that i'm more prepared to recieve answers and revelations.  As I bore my testimony to Brother Willie of Thomas S. Monson and the living apostles, the room was so full of the spirit and my eyes started to water.  I know that they are truly servants of the Lord, and how blessed we are that heavenly Father loves us enough to give us a living prophet on the earth to lead us and guide back to his presence.  

Have a wonderful week family, I love you and pray for you every day:)  5 weeks and i get to skype with you again hehe yay:) 

Love always, Sister Ammah Jones      

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