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January 2013 to July 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Magandang Hapon po Pamilya!

Magandang Hapon po Pamilya!
March 31st,
Well this week has gone by insanely fast ha  and I feel like we just had P-day a few days ago. Maybe it feels like that way cause we are just so busy and the days just fly by.  I love this area so much, We always have a lot of work, and we have been finding lots of people and our schedule is all filled up everyday.  Something we have been working on in our companionship is increasing our finding,  we have been talking to everyone and inviting everyone to hear our message, it's been great fun and I'm  really enjoying being a missionary:)  One older man we started talking to on the street the other day, he was walking beside us and we struck up a conversation with him.  He was about 73 years old and told us that his wife had passed away many years ago, So I started telling him that our message was about families and that actually we believe that Families can still be together even after death.  His eyes got all big and he said "you mean..I will be able to see my wife again??"  I just loved his reaction  and we told him yes and that we would like to share more with him about our message so we scheduled a return appointment with him and hopefully we will be able to teach him a lesson this week. 
Our investigators are doing great,  We had a lot of them attend church this past Sunday which was awesome.  Our investigator Ap-Ap had his baptismal interview and will be getting baptized this weekend. He is just my favorite! We go to his house 3 times a week and teach him with his Father and older Brother who were baptized 2 years ago.  Ap-ap is 26 years old but mentally he is about the age of 10.  I think he is Autistic.  We checked with president and since mentally he is capable of understanding the gospel they said that he can be baptized.  He is so excited for his baptism and he is so bright.  He remembers everything we teach him and he prays and has been gaining a testimony of his own.  He makes us laugh every time we go over cause he's so shy but says the funniest thing.  I just love their little family.  We are hoping that after Ap-Ap is baptized his mother who is an investigator will follow his example. 
We also have 3 investigators, we call them the (3 blind mice) haha they are 3 teenage boys around 18 years old who are best friends, 2 of them are brothers and the other a friend down the road. they have been taught for the last few months.  Sister Acostan says they have changed so much since the first time the missionaries met them.  They are little punks haha always causing trouble and driving their mother crazy but every time we come they get all serious and they even pray at the end of the lessons.  Their mom is just amazed haha we have trouble getting them to church but I just love them and hope that they will get baptized. 
One of the new families that we found last week live on a small pig farm,  so 2 times a week we go and teach them right outside where they keep all the pigs.  and these pigs are HUGE.  like the pigs we see at the state fair, they have about 8 of them, each time we come over we walk around and say hi to them all haha one of them jumped up and put it's hoofs on the gate and its snout was right in my face, ahh! haha but than they have some little baby ones too, I knelt down and started singing to them Fern's song to Wilber from Charlotte's Web haha.  They are so cute! I'll get a picture of them this week. 
This transfer I have learned a lot from my studies personally and as a companionship with Sister Acostan.  I've learned even more about who Heavenly Father is and about the plan of Salvation.  My testimony has been strengthened of his plan for me and how much he truly loves me and the role of Jesus Christ in that plan.  I've been reading the new testament in my personal studies and studying the life and ministry of Christ as well, and I can feel as I learn more about him and who he was I am slowly becoming more like him. I'm so grateful for his example.
Family, thank you for your wonderful examples to me and your support.  Continue to share the gospel with your friends and to be a light to all those around you so that 'they may see your good works and glorify your God which is in heaven'
love you so much! have a great week!
Love Sister Ammah Jones

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