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Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

I was HERE

Hello to my beautiful family,

Got a little to much sun. ooops

Our branch building

View of the ocean on Pday

I was HERE

Sister Acostan and I

This week has also been real busy, I'm not sure where to start ha this week has just been amazing, full of miracles and great experiences.  The area is doing great, we have been blessed to find 13 new investigators this week made up of 3 families.  And Each family i just feel are really ready to accept the gospel.  They all are referrals from members in the ward, one of them even came from the District President.  We are just so excited, yay families! Each first lesson we had with them, i could just feel the spirit so strong.  I'm looking forward to this week when we will go back to them.  We also were blessed to have a baptism this week, Sister Nida, she's been a long time investigator and now she is finally a Member of the Church.  I"m so happy for her:) 
Everyday we have been meeting new people and visiting the less-actives and this past week we had an experience with one of the friends of our less-actives one day.  We had gotten punted, none of our appointments had worked out all day and we knew of an inactive who had joined another religion who lived nearby so we decided to stop by.  She was kind of surprised to see us at her door but she invited us in none the less, and introduced us to one of her friends who was visiting for the day.  We  introduced ourselves and asked if we could share our message with her and she agreed.  The lesson started out great, the friend listened to us and started shared her thoughts and beliefs with us as well, she went to bible school for 3 years when she was younger.  We respectively listened to her thoughts and than i was impressed to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon.  After I finished sharing the scripture the friend said "Well Sister before you go on....I just need to say something....When you are sharing the gospel of Jesus should never use any other book than the Bible...NO OTHER BOOK" I was kind of taken back by her bluntness ha I wasn't expecting that. but I knew that this was a perfect opportunity to bare testimony of the Book of Mormon.  So I just smiled and looked at her and said "Thank you Sister...but...I cannot do that, because i know that this book is the word of God and it is Another Testament of Jesus Christ" as i continued to share with her my testimony of the Book of Mormon and how I had come to know of it's truthfulness I could feel the Spirit so STrongly testifying even to myself that what i was saying was true.  I'm so grateful for that opportunity I had to bare my testimony to her and invite her to find out for herself through reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it.  I came away knowing with even more of assurity that it truly is Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I'm grateful for all the opportunities I have everyday to bare testimony of the Principles and doctrines of the Restored Gospel,  I feel like because of my mission my testimony has been carved in stone so to speak ha it won't ever go away.  
Sister Acostan and I also taught primary this week haha all 2 hours.  none of the teachers or counselors showed up so we slapped smiles on our faces and went in and it was a lot of fun haha. Even though we had like 1 minute to prepare, I was in charge of all the singing time and all the kids are so stinkin cute singin their hearts out.  It just made me smile:) haha 
Well those are a few experiences from this week that I thought I'd share, But I love you guys so so much and be safe this week. 
Love Always, Sister Ammah Jones   

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