Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Well Transfers are next week....and I am stressin haha I really really want to stay here.

Hey Fam!

Well the birthday celebrations for Amelia looked fun:D I loved the video, looks like she has a lot of good friends. and I'm excited to hear that Andelyn got her patriarchal blessing, how special, can't wait to hear about it in her letter that will probably come in a million years haha jk. 

Well this week was so good, we did splits with 6 sisters in Antipolo and Pasig City.  I always love being in Antipolo, it's so beautiful and almost kind of provincy.  But I had some great spiritual experiences with them.  While doing splits sometimes it's hard to teach other missionaries investigators and less-actives because it's my first time even meeting them and I don't know what their needs are or what they are struggling with,  because of that I really have to listen to the spirit to know what to say to them. I don't know their needs, but Heavenly Father does, and I know that if I'm an obedient missionary and continue to open my mouth than Heavenly Father will keep his promise to me and fill my mouth with the words and things that they need to hear in order to repent and come unto Christ.  I really know that he has been doing just that, I just teach and things  come and the language just flows.  Than we walk out and I don't  remember half the things I said but I  feel the spirit and I leave knowing that we really helped them. It's such a good feeling...:) I'm  so grateful for the Spirit.  

Well Transfers are next week....and I am stressin haha I really really want to stay here.  We are  working hard and I  absolutely love this area and the ward.  I just want to stay for another 6 weeks, that's all I'm asking! I guess we will see....I would really like to stay with Sister Maagad for another transfer too.  She's a great missionary and we have so much fun together and we are obedient.  She's such a jokester like me and we always laugh with each other haha I've really enjoyed this transfer with her.  The bishopric is so involved in our work, we report to them in counsel every 2 weeks about the work that we are doing.  We talk about each less-active family and bishop gives us suggestions on what we can do to help them come back to church.  On Saturday we saw one of our less-active single adults Gerald and we say, "Gerald, are you coming to church tomorrow?" and he says "Nope...we are all going swimming!" and we say whaaaa?? yep I guess all the families that live in one of our areas that is all less-active, they are all hangin out and going swimming on Sunday instead of coming to church.....I felt like walking over to one of cement houses I was near by and hitting my head against it haha. .We still got some work to do with them I guess ha. But I love them all, most of them are recent members to the church and they used to be really active about a year ago, but because of fair to get to church, and jobs etc... they all slowly are inactive now.  Bishop really wants us to focus on this area and we are planning to have a big FHE with the 6 families there in a few weeks...I'm excited! hopefully I'll still be here. Basically Bishop is awesome and he knows we are busy being STL's so sometimes he and one of his counselors will visit some of the families that we couldn't get to that week.  They are awesome! 

So my computer won't let me upload pics again today so next week na long, sorry:( 

Well I love you guys and just remember next week is transfer day so I won't email till Monday night for you.  My pday will be on Tuesday. I love you please stay safe and know I am thinking about you.  Have a great week! :)

love, Sister Ammah Jones 

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