Called to Serve in the Philippines Quezon City Mission
Speaking the Tagalog language
January 2013 to July 2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wherever we are we can always feel the breeze coming from the ocean.

Hello:) I'm here!
1st steps on Mindoro Island

Well I gotta start out by wishing Andelyn a Happy Birthday:) I heard about the Girls day you had with mom sounds so fun! glad you had fun and enjoyed but Happy Birthday and know I'm thinking of you! 

Well I've almost been in Mindoro now for a week and I'm just loving it.  It's so BEAUTIFUL and the air is so fresh.  Wherever we are we can always feel the breeze coming from the ocean.  I love it! I'm so glad that I have the opportunity to serve here because I can really see the real beauty of the Philippines.  But even in the city I saw a lot of beautiful things too but here it's just different.  The people are nicer to here than compared to the city too ha! So here in Mindoro we don't have wards just one Branch in San Jose which is where I am serving and than 3 or so Districts.  This is my first time serving in a Branch during my mission, and it's very different than in the city.  It's not as organized or stable as some of the wards I've served in and the missionaries do a lot of work.  A lot of times we end up teaching the lessons or something during classes.  So Their is a lot of work to do here, but I'm excited for the challenge and the opportunity to help the ward.  We have tons of less-actives so about 50 percent of our time is working with less-actives and the other 50 percent with investigators.
Invited to dinner at a members house

My first night here there was a brown out. This is how I did my nightly reading.
The farm land in my area. Miles and Miles of crops.

The outer part of my area

YES...maybe I didn't mention that Mindoro isn't a small island it's actually pretty big and the church is really growing here.  We share half the island with the San Pablo Mission.  Our mission covers the Occidental Mindoro part.  Our area doesn't include the seashore so I don't get to walk the beach everyday haha darn, but were pretty close, ours mostly includes farms and just miles and miles of crops and we pass Caribou grazing in the fields.  It feels so weird wtih no buildings and squatters and stinky sewers,I will probably finish my mission here, at least I'm hoping.  But you never know and I might get sent back and finish in the city for my last month but I don't know.  The members here are great and we have  progressing investigators here.  We actually have a baptism next week and then another few coming up in the next 3 or 4 weeks so the work is great:) 

I'm lovin my companion sister Acostan, she is the anak (trainee of Sister Houser) whom I was in the MTC with and we came here together.  She is also 22 years old and she is from Bacolod.  She's definitely a hoot and likes to have fun but when it gets to the work she is serious and I seriously enjoy teaching with her.  We will learn a lot from each other this transfer.  It's been so good to be with Sister Ika again haha I missed her and her anak Sister Fewster is fresh fom the MTC in Provo and she's from England, but...she is Filipino nationality but doesn't speak any Tagalog.  She is so quirky and t makes me laugh ha she has a great spirit and she's so excited to talk to everyone.  It will be a fun transfer:) plus my companion is a great cook and cooks all sorts of yummy Filipino dishes for us every lunch, and this is probably the nicest house I've been in during my mission ha Life is good in Mindoro! 

Well Mom to answer some questions:
The flight was only 45 minutes and it wasn't scary haha but it did feel weird being on a plane before I'm supposed to go home ha 
traveling is the same here, we travel just by tricycles they don't have very many jeepneys here.  
Just continue sending mail and stuff to the same address: it will still get to me no worries:) 
Yes we do have a nice chapel, it even has air conditioning! and their are some nice houses in our area too but for the most part out in the fields their is just little hut houses made out of bamboo.  and a quarter mile between each house and we just walk and talk throughout the day walking to each house  it's a good life:) 

I love you guys! have a great week, Be safe! 

Love, Sister Ammah Jones 

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